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Season's greetings to everyone. A happy new year to you all, heres hoping that you had a wonderful holiday season and everyone is back in one piece. DHLA wishes you all a fruitful 2015.

Right, lets get down to it!! We introducing a fresh new concept, the DHLA Facebook Group Mix. The guys behind it are Ishmael  Mafaro aka MoIsh & our very own, Mr Deep House Mzansi. This promises to be a Huge collabo, two Maestro delving into unknown waters. The've already set a date for the 1st drop. Excitement is surely in the air.

What the mixes we'll comprise of, is a mistery, there is some speculation that the mixes will comprise of tracks from existing group & Page members. How that will play out, will be revealed on the 14th of February 2015

Let's do this!!


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