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As you know the house joy is always full of exciting posts,comments and once in a while you get to meet the people behind the mentioned beats or should I say house movement internationally. DHLA takes you on a inner view journey with DJ/Producer Maf Ish .
Born and raised in the South African province of Limpopo in a place called Lephalale (Abbotspoort) , the young man made his way to Johannesburg in the mid 90s to further his education . Whilist on a matriculation journey , he became exposed to a series of Arts activities such as being part of choir. At that time singing was just only a hobbie that he enjoyed not realizing that the musical foundation had just been dug.

They say passion has its own way of revealing its self and here we are with Maf Ish who started of in a high school choir not knowing that he himself would one day make the music.
Ish as most people call him , grew up in a melodious environment that later transcend like into love. The year 2010 saw Maf Ish introduce himself to the masses as he begun his Dj journey that was too inevitable . In his community he became known for his ear of good music , talent of dropping heavy tunes and feeding a soul with so much excitment . The support from family friends and community members pushed him to spread his wings even further than just being known in his hood . 

Feeling the need to learn more about playing this beautiful melody called "House Music" ,Maf Ish went on a series of sleepless nights perfecting his skill on a CDJ level . The practise paid of as he won up to four Dj competetions all across Johannesburg and Pretoria .Earning such great titles gave him so much more to look forward to such that he became more intruiged by the music it self on a production level . After a while he started learning the "Art of Music Production" , slightly a challenging field . Determination and passion again motivated the young man to learn more on production being helped by fellow friends and producers such as Keysnows , the star would soon rise .
Despite the challenges that came up , Ish never looked back or stopped his project but instead grew the weakness to strenghts . As we innerview the young man he is a proud produces of EPs, his 2013 release "Epic Deep Thougts" with Donald under the crew MassiveboysSA signed by Sofa Lounge of Portugal .

To round up the works of Maf Ish ,we get to ask him a few questions.........
DHLA : What is the biggest challenge in this industry you face?
Maf Ish : Well being an up and coming Dj/Producer is the hardest thing ever....the music industry is so advanced lately and we have so any djs and producers making it harder for one to be recognised. Getting yourself heard out there is also a challenge to me, marketing is the key to success on what am doing. The lack of resources iis also a problem to me though the fact that is l am still learnin which is also a challenge on its own.. finding the best direction to what you want your music to sound like is a challenge b am nearly there.
DHLA :If you were to do a gig anywhere in the world where would it be and would you feature anyone from here?
Maf Ish : Definately Paris ....Mzansi Experience I would call it ,and yes I would take Black Coffe, Dj Kent,Da Capo and Culoe De Song along as these souls inspire me a lot.
DHLA : We see your work in Traxxsource ,any EP coming soon and collabo ?
Maf Ish : My Next Ep thats dropping is titled "Deep Stories",,,,,happy to release this piece of work wth support from Vinny Da Vincy, Helder Teixerra and many more international legends. Its a three track EP of afro Deep mostly and hopefully u wil dig it smile emoticon. Am working on the project myself and Iorzh Herrera(Pourtugal) thats coming soon and yeah it shud be a blast.
DHLA : What motivates Maf Ish on deck as a dj n as a producer?
Maf Ish : Passion motivates me a lot and the fact that the industry is very much dificult for one to make it therefore being hard work!! What motivates me even more is to up my skills and put more creativity on ma work. Support that I get from the club motivates me as well as friends and family.

Deep House Love Affair would like to thank you for joining us and allowing us to learn more about you . We wish you all the best Maf Ish keep rocking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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