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We doing it #DHLA style baby, back with another banger innerview.... This time around we've given the innerviewee a chance to innerview herself. Mind boggling stuff, we know :-)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present to you, MichellelsWrite

I am Michelle Langa born and raised in Joburg, only child to my single parent (mother).

I love all things that translate to words.

My true passion is writing, my skill lies in poetry through song writing.

I am currently studying journalism at Boston Media House in Sandton. I am an SRC member and my strong focus is to impact the institution by means of social media through writing on the sites I am well on my way to bringing the school closer to each other.

At age 2 I started singing along with all the CDs and the tapes my mother owned before I could even talk. I entered my first talent competition at age 6 and came out 3rd place.

Fast forward to Primary school I entered the eisteddfod and did very well scoring 89% amongst the group of 10 pupils. it was only at age 12 where I developed my passion for song writing.

I wrote my first song called 'all of my days' I hope to record it very soon. When I won pop stars with my friends I always knew that this performance life is for me.

My high school days went very silent no one knew I loved singing. I just wrote poetry and silenced my singing. It was not until my gap year, I worked at City Life Church for a year and in that year someone heard me singing.

That someone was the band conductor of the worship
team. He needed someone for the youth worship that night and
approached me. From that day my love for singing started coming back and I will forever value the years I led youth worship. It helped me discover my voice and also come out of my shell on stage.

Fast forward to a year ago. I got a call from my closest guy friend I
met him when working at church. He remembered that I had this talent
of singing and although it has been a year of not singing he trusted
my gift.

He hooked me up with his other DJ friend. That DJ is the talented
Ishmael also known as Moish. He is a producer and house DJ who needed
vocalist for his many beats.
At first I was very reluctant I'm not a fan of strangers but I slowly
trusted my gut and I thank God because after writing and recording
songs like obsession and Prison for him I got to find my feet in the
behind the scenes production of music.

 Question time

‪#‎DHLA‬: Your talent is such an amazin & the future is lookin up onto you, Do you have any challenges as an underground musicians that you feel its a constraint for most of up & coming artists?

‪#‎Michelle‬: The challenges I face are mainly internal. I think every up coming
artist asks themselves this one thing. Am I good enough? Lately it has faded purely because I have people who believe and nurture my talent.
That's my advice have supporters they are always haters but your support system will carry your talent.

#DHLA. What's your future plan in five years to come in this music industry? Anything tremendous we shud look out from you?

‪#‎Michelle: One‬ word international and to be known as a writer first then singer later
#DHLA Who is ur role model in this music Industry, People who inspired you?

‪#‎Michelle:  I‬ could list them till this page runs out. I look up to a lot of
underground singers mainly based in the UK. I love how they actually sings songs that make sense. They put a lot of thought as song writers. My current favourite is Birdy but lately Emeli Sandes takes the cup, like me she is often featured by DJs

#DHLA: What advice you can give to someone out there sitting with talent but does not know how to start or go?

#Michelle: My advice to any artist is to just start. Your talent will begin to
pull the right crowd. What use is a pot if its just in a cupboard take your pot n place the right food in it. One last thing is to tell people about your gift doors will open.

 #‎DHLA‬:If You Where To Collaborate with one of the biggest artist in the world who would it be?

‪#‎Michelle‬ Calvin Harris I like his collaborations with international artist

#DHLA:Currently you have joined forces with MoIsh which we all happy about, do you guys have any lined up releases for us that we shud expect anytime soon from Mo-Writes?

#Michelle:  MichelleisWrite (Pronounced Michellez Write) perfectly describes me for I'm not just a singer but I am a writer articulating poetry through the songs that I write. This year I am focusing on my songs and my songs will be available online.
This is why I’m so excited to be in a group called Mo-Write. The DJ Moish and I felt it necessary to start a group we work so well together it was inevitable. Watch out for our EP which will be available online from July (yay!). For more info, to hear song promos or to check out where we’ll be performing like us on Facebook at Mo-Write link: www.facebook.com/mo-writemusic.
I could go on and on and on and on and on. But the two main things
that Mo-Write has in store is releasing a single in June/July called Gold. lastly our music video for a song called trophy directed by MichelleisWrite herself. Also watch out for our ep. All is told on this Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/mo-writemusic

#DHLA: Lastly, If you where to give back to the community what can you do to develop our people esp the disadvantaged children out there.

#Michelle: I am already involved in talking to school and encouraging learners
to matriculate. Matric is very important because it helps your mind prepare for adulthood. My main focus to help them is reminding them why they at school. I'm also working on a project where I will be taking the learners on outings to encourage them that they too can live and leave the poverty that they in. It starts by education this world rotates around it.

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  1. beautiful voice
    beautiful music
    beautiful woman

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  3. Whooooop whoop take over house music Michelle

  4. Wow I'm so proud of you!
    You're gonna go far with this!


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