The Ayanda Javaman #DHLA Innerview presented by Shane Mfulwane


"It all came at a time we were all in love with the music, then the passion turned into an addiction, and the addiction gave birth to an obsession; before we knew it, we had a revolution" - Shane Mfulwane

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Javaman; The Story - My Music, My Journey

Ayanda Jabulani Hleza a.k.a Javaman was born and raised in Soweto in the 90’s, he grew up listening to kwaito and hip hop just like any other kid from the hood, it was then in 1998 when the beat got his soul. As time went on, he got motivated and inspired by the sounds of legends like (Vinny Da Vincy, DJ Christos, DJ Fresh, Louie Vega and Larry Heard). The following year ‘1999’ he started collecting house music records then that turned into an addiction.

When he, Javaman, went to high school in 2004, he met couple of guys who had same passion for music, and that’s how it all started. Javaman together with his friends started deejaying at parties around the township. With the sweat of musicianship, his passion for house music grew even bigger in a way that it made him realize that he can do more than just being a deejay, Javaman passion for music production was ignited in 2007 as he taught himself FL Studios (Music Production Software) along realizing the power on making a song.

Upon completing matric, He went to Soul Candi Institution of Music in 2009 to study more of music production. He then met Saxture at Soul Candi and the meeting turned into an abundant music journey. He later on collaborated with hood friends: Sibusiso Malevu (RealPurple Deep) and Thamisanqa Ndhlovu (Dr Ada T) and together they formed a group called Culture N Soul and released hits like “Revelations feat. Mthandazo and Voices” under 659 records.
DHLA: What style of music do you play?

Java : I play deep and soulful house music.

DHLA: Have you ever considered other genres?

Java : Yes, I listen to kwaito, hip hop and jazz music.

DHLA: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the industry?

 Java : Not being able to find a record deal to publish and release my work.

DHLA: What inspires/motivates Ayanda Javaman as a producer and a deejay?

Java : I’m inspired by good music more especially when I am out at gigs and hearing freshly produced tracks. That just makes me want to work more hard in production. On a deejaying level, playing music that people can relate to and making them happy through the sounds that I play blesses my inner soul.

DHLA: What are your goals for the future, where do you see yourself?

Java : I am working on a record label to help up-coming artist with a bigger dream than mine to launch their music careers and also share my testimonies about the industry. Watch the space; it’s going to be huge.

DHLA: We see your work on/in traxsource, any EP coming soon and collabo’s?

Java : I released an EP in July which I worked on with Muzaic, titled ‘World Of Our Own’. Now I am currently working on remixes and will be doing a collabo with Bruno Soares which we are planning on releasing late this year or probably early next year.

Here is something sweet and sexy from Javaman as a token of appreciation.
Thank you for reading the story.

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