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Inline with DHLA's ‪#‎June16Commemoration‬ we bring you this exclusive. Mzilikazi WaAfrika is back!

After more than 3 years of recording in more than 10 different countries with more than 30 musicians - Mzee is back with a BIG bang on his brand new album titled Timhamba (Ancestral Rituals) which is available on CD nationwide and also on iTunes itunes/za/cXodcb

The man who brought you club anthems Mahuwelele, Zvinosiririsa and Umoja, is back with a brand new tribal house album after more than 5 years away from the music industry.
Mzee, on his latest offering, also introduces his proteges, Rafiki - a Swahili word for friends. Rafiki, a duo, is made of Mzee's old time collaborator, Gorden "DJ Godheaven" Netshikweta and renown pianist, Julius "Juju" Dlamini.

Mzee & Rafiki are best known as the kings of Ancestral and tribal house and are about to drop their most anticipated Pan-African studio album titled Timhamba (Ancestral Rituals).
This star-studded album is a masterpiece of collaborations Mzee & Rafiki had with amazing musicians around the world, more especially musicians from across Africa.

In this album, Mzee & Rafiki criss-crossed around and collaborated with the Mansa of Mali, the legendary Salif Keita, Aly Faque, who is hailed as the voice of Mozambique, Ali Yurttas, a Muslim spiritual singer from Turkey, Kashivi Andre, an elderly Khoisan griot from South Africa, Wiyaala, an up and coming musician from Ghana, who has taken the music industry by storm winning album of the year, song of the year and video of the year two years in a row in her respective country.

The album also feature a host of South African musicians like Phuzekhemisi, who is the doyen of Maskandi music, Suthukazi Arosi, another veteran and African soul singer, Brenda Mtambo, a former member of the award winning gospel group, Joyous Celebration, Malatji, best known as the prince of Khelobedu.

Mzee & Rafiki also collaborated Kunle Ayo and Kani, who both hail from a Nigeria and Bholoja, the amazing voice of Swaziland to mention just a few.

DJ Godheaven has been with Mzee for years, as an original member of The A Team - a group of up and coming young producers signed to Bomba Records, Mzee's record label while Juju has been playing piano for the award winning South African afropop group, Malaika, for almost 10 years.
Mzee & Rafiki have been hard at work at Mahuwelele Studios in Johannesburg over the past three years cooking up this new album and they are back reclaim their crown as tribal house kings and raise the South African flag across the globe.

Mzee & Rafiki ft Uhuru ~ Domba (the music video from their first single) is now available on YouTube https://youtu.be/S0OtFOI9AI

Mzee & Rafiki ft Salif Keita - We Are All Africans music video on YouTube https://youtu.be/o484kiMdnrU

Artist: Mzee & Rafiki
Album: Timhamba
1. Timhamba ft Khululiwe Sithole (South Africa)
2. Zifun'imali ft Mbuso Khoza (South Africa)
3. Afrikan woman ft Kani (Nigeria)
4. Domba ft Uhuru (South Africa)
5. We are all Africans ft Salif Keita (Mali)
6. Africa remembers ft Brenda Mtambo (South Africa)
7. Give Praises ft Ali (Turkey)
8. Ama//haume ft Kashivi and Pops Mohamed (South Africa)
9. Arrave ft Jorgen Stenberg (Sweden)
10. Hiisi ft Wiyaala (Ghana)
11. Tsea Nako ft Malatji (South Africa)
12. Tindika ft Alino (Democratic Republic of Congo)
13. Afrika ft Bholoja (Swaziland)

CD 2

1. Othigulakwalo ft Hishishi Papa (Namibia)
2. Imvelaphi ft Suthukazi Arosi (South Africa)
3. Garingani wa Garingani ft Soweto Children Quartet (South Africa)
4. Sina ft Salif Keita ~ Bomba Africah Remix (Mali)
5. Impimpi ft Phuzekhemisi ~ Bomba Remix (South Africa)
6. Apaga O Fogo ft Game Walla ~ Uhuru Remix (Angola)
7. Mfana ft Sizakele (South Africa)
8. Nywe Nywe Nywe Nywe (Bomba Time) ft Uhuru and Soweto Children Quartet (South Africa)
9. Watcharaco ft Aly Faque (Mozambique)
10. Move your yansh ft Kunle Ayo (Nigeria)
11. Nix Mahamba Hamba ft Rooted Soul (South Africa)
12. Vhadzimo ft Edith (South Africa)

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