DHLA Say What!? - Watch the Throne


DHLA Say what!? - Watch the throne
Welcome to the first edition of this brand spanking new column!

Not only will Team DHLA be sharing their personal opinions (on this particular platform it's okay to be biased) but we also want YOU to air out your feelings on happenings in the House Music community.

In solidarity with Women's Month we get the ball rolling by discussing life after the retirement of one very special woman in SA House Music circles, the amazing Bucie Nqwiliso.

Earlier this year, the "Superman" hitmaker and "Queen of SA House Music", announced that she was hanging up the mic to focus on being a mother and a wife.

We wish her all the best and while we are still trying to "Get Over It" we have bee discussing which "princesses" have the royal pedigree to take over the "crown" of "SA's Queen of House Music".

Contributor: Bhekinkosi "Becks" Ndlovu 
DHLA'S co-founder and current "Commander in Chief" whose passion for Deep House make him a fundi worth buying coffee for

As much as we all know that her retirement is just a gimmick, we’ll tackle this none the less. Cause if there is a Queen, surely they should be a king, right?
In no particular order:

Thing is, when you talk about a Queen you have to consider a lot of things. 
Sio is one of the best songwriters, currently. 
She has a huge prospect of travelling, having done work with likes of Atjazz. 
Her vocal ability is like no other as she highlighted on our DHLA Innerview “I don’t know why, but I think I sing like someone who did jazz back in 1950 something”. 
Now that’s a niche right there.
We are not going to tackle the issue of whether age permits as this is not a beauty pageant! Laughs

Zanda Zakuza
Now this is one to watch. 
Having blasted onto the scene with the hit “Umvulo” with DJ Mdix, she is back with  “Hamba” featuring Bongo Beatz. 
I'm not about to do song reviews but her delivery is telling in terms of where she is going with all this. 
Hope fame doesn’t get in the way

Lady Zamar
There is a distinction between pure vocalists and mediocre ones.
The likes of your Bucie and Lira cannot be compared to your Zonke and Maleh.
Well that’s a discussion for another day, right?
Lady Zamar has been delivering hits, she is bankable.
As much as she is not so well travelled, her signing to Universal records will propel her to the greatest of heights

Contributor: Nyasha Themba "the Thembanator" Dhliwayo 

The DHLA Ed and resident wordsmith with a nose for ferreting out the music "they damn don't play on radio". Pick his brains after a steak and a few beers!

"Hand me the Kleenex Bucie is retiring!" was my first reaction when I heard the news. Laughs.
Oh well, boys need their mummy and a hubby needs his wifey (lucky chap!).
For me the "Queen of SA House Music" has to be an above average vocalist and songwriter who is able to make an impact on the mainstream as well as the underground where artistic ability is judged more strictly.
In descending order my list of prospective holders of the crown is as follows.

3. Mpumi
Her association with mainstream darlings like Heavy K, Professor and Euphonik have seen her benefit from regular radio play and contributed to her mainstream success.
Her ability to channel raw heartfelt emotion on gems like "Kuwe" is complemented by her strong writing skills.
Mpumi is also able to tap into that deeper spiritual side of House Music.

2. Lady Zamar
That she had the potential to be an exceptional artists was never in doubt from the word go.
Shout out DJ MuZI.GP for alerting me about waaaay before most people woke up to her talents.
The way she has paced herself demonstrates her business sense, another "Queenlike" attribute.
Wise choice in producers, clear vocals, good song writing and great delivery (buy the King Zamar album already!) show that Lady Zamar can only go up from here.

1. Thiwe 
Not only has the legs to invariably get me to spill coffee on my keyboard, but to run all the way to the apex of the music industry.
Everything she has touched does not have an expiry date.
That right there showcases class.
Take your throne Thiwe!

Contributor: Thato "Mr Serious" Lephoto
So you thought they call him Mr Serious for nothing? Maybe he had made them dance silly, or maybe one of his reimagining of his unique remixes had them gasping for breath...or maybe you can take him out and find out for yourself...

The title of "Queen of House" in Mzansi is on that is privately coveted the most by many  vocalists and it's not easily attained.

It takes years of hard work and consistently delivering more than what's expected to music lovers. 
These are very BIG shoes to fill and here are the three ladies that I think have what it takes to rise up to  the throne, in no particular order.

Gets my vote firstly because she exudes sex appeal and her stage presence is undeniable. 
Her song writing skills are amazing, she has come a long way. 
With Mpumi it's not just about song writing and live performances, you gotta respect her hustle, and now taking up other young artists on her own label Ngoma Republic. 
I think  she has figured out a formula that works for her music and whenever she goes into studio you know she's gonna churn out an anthem. 

What a humble and exciting person to be around. 
Another hard worker in the industry who's mature voice and culture influenced lyrics have won the hearts of many South African music lovers. 
She is versatile, I believe there's nothing Toshi cannot do, Soul, Afro Jazz, poetry, even DJing. 
I'm usually amazed by how well she can translate or transfer her emotions into the songs, like whenever I listen to Toshi's songs I can almost always feel what she felt when she wrote them. 
And that's priceless asset to possess as an artist.

Lady Zamar
Not just for the cute dimples. 
In my opinion, she is one of the few people who's career was catapulted to superstardom in a short space of time and she has proven that she is here to stay. 
Her collaborations with Junior Taurus got us hooked and wanting more from her. 
In her songs she tells love stories in a way that both male and females can relate. 
Her latest album "King Zamar" clearly suggests she's going for the crown.

Contributor: Shane Mafulwane

Growing up there was always that one friend who had the hook-up, whether it was sneakers, music or even the hottest parties...that's Shane for you. Ears on the streets and always clued up on what's going down.

Thiwe Mbola

Thiwe Mbola, a well established brand within the house music scene and Metro FM 2015 Awards Nominee under Best Female Album category for her album Soul Therapy. 
Thiwe has shared the stage with the international recognised DJ/Producer Black Coffee and was featured on couple of Black Coffee’s songs including “Crazy” that had international remixes from the likes of Manoo, Quentin Harris, Abicah Soul and others.

Thiwe also runs music support programs aimed at helping up-and-coming vocalistS/singers and song-writers. 
That alone, guarantees her the SA Queen of House Music Crown.

Katlego “Kat-Lee” Mogorosi
Katlego “Kat-Lee” Mogorosi is a talented and versatile vocalist based in Bramley View (Johannesburg) who has done some amazing work with the likes of Kabza De Small, Drumetic Boyz and Slezz UlteeM8.
Kat-Lee “The Songbyrd” voice blends in well with everything from House to R&B and Kwaito music. 
As they say, a Queen wears many crowns right? 

Yamikan Janet Banda aka Lady Zamar
The Tembisa born songstress is behind the hits “Love Is Blind” and “Charlotte”. 
The title of her debut album “King Zamar” had a lot of people talking with most men claiming that she’s trying to be a man.
In her defence Lady Zamar emphasised that “King Zamar” symbolizes the meaning behind her name “Yamikan” which means "praise". 
In Lady Zamar’s words the album title basically means "king of praising God", she demands authority and shows that in her Kingdom she rules.
“Cotton Candy” The album she worked on with Junior Taurus was nominated for various awards including the SAMA’s and MMAs.
She probably going to be nominated for the newly launched Soul Candi Dance Music awards as well. 
Apart from music, King Zamar runs Project Me which aims to empower young people and tackle social issues.

Contributor: Bahle Hlezz Moyo​ 

The other co-founder DHLA with a DJing career spanning close to two decades. When he is playing, sweetheart please put away your Shazam App because he specialises in the rarer grooves. Another House and other genres of music fundi who might opt for a beer instead of coffee!

Quite sad that Bucie Nqwiliso​ retired as I was looking forward to those vocals killing it on a track so yah big gap but I still have Sió​ , Lady Zamar​ hmmmm the third person is still open as the criteria is too strict for me.

Sió Roi King​
Is an amazing vocalist who has very good voice control and emotion.
 On a track, that alone gives a producer more play that as a vocalist can generate flourish and being the instrumental to life.

Lady Zamar
Has really impressed me particularly in "My Baby" track as she is more getting into a deeper composition nature.
 I feel she has the ability to even blow over into a fully-fledged songstress as she has a voice to push it.
 In my outstanding third artist I would say to House Music producers get Amanda Black​ or Shekhinah​ to do a House track as those ladies are power vocal ability, narration, lyrical content and their creativity is out of this world.
 I forgot about Jackie Queens​ eish...that's a beast coming up!

Contributor:Lucinda Djlusanda Gail Roux​ ​ 

The First Lady of DHLA and a beautiful  inferno on the turntables. While others just spin records, she tells stories with the music.

She has a fresh sound that is very versatile and especially compliments Deep House very well.  Working with producers like Luka Wegodeep​ and Jullian Gomes​ and having hit tracks like "North", "This Love" and "1000 Memories", I'm kind of convinced she is the next big thing.

Toshi Tikolo
I absolutely love her strong Afro vocals.
 The power of her voice moves me deep within.
She will always have an advantage over any other vocalist as she has a distinct sound that people love.
 It's a deep sound, those soul cry type vocals, that people identify with and that will always work for the South African market.

Zipho Khumalo​
She has huge potential to become one of the recognised female vocalists this country has seen.
 However it seems like her studies are taking priority at this time, which is a good thing. Education has only opened doors for people.
 She is however one to keep you ear on.

Sooooo, tell us fam, who you think should sit on the throne!?

#ThatsAwrap #DHLAsayWhat #DHLAthangz

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