The Memory Zaranyika DHLA innerview pres. by Shane Mfulwane


One thing that comes to mind when the name Memory Zaranyika appears, or is being mentioned is: Bhogo, Bhogo (The Heavy Quarterz Dubb Mix). Even her profile states that the original single is associated with her name – Bhogo Bhogo, the song on abortion took her music career to greater heights in 2004. Memory started singing at the tender age of 6 and as she grew up so did her passion for music.

DHLA chats to Memory Zaranyika...

DHLA: Such a pleasure to be finally chatting to you Memory, took long to get this innerview done. Thanks to Teboho The Heavy Quarterz for putting it together

Memory Zaranyika: Thanks for the platform it's always a pleasure to be working with Tebza, l really appreciate the hard work and talent associated with The Heavy Quarters and l hope to do more with them.

DHLA: How did your music journey come about?

Memory Zaranyika: From the moment I cried at birth. My mother says I had thee most musical cry in the hospital nursery. I have always dreamt music. So I guess it started in the womb and continued to the outside world. I suppose making it a career was just me fulfilling what was already in the genes

DHLA: You are known as an Afro Pop & Jazz musician, how did you find your way to house music?

Memory Zaranyika: You always find your way to the house simply because all artists live there despite specializing in different genres. We always need to go home to the house at some point. I believe a musician needs to be versatile and deliver the message through various vehicles.

DHLA: Professionally, you started recording in 2004 with Chamhembe being your first project – was it an EP?

Memory Zaranyika: Yes

DHLA: Bhogo, Bhogo has turned into your signature song, mind sharing the story behind that song and the title?

Memory Zaranyika: The intention was to represent the issues young women faces on daily basis.
Bhogo, Bhogo is based on a real story about a girl I knew personally who in my thinking at the time represented other young women in someway. She had an illegal abortion and tried to justify it by blaming social, economic and educational issues we are all facing as a society.

DHLA: You grew up in a family of academics and yet you chose a different path – And such can bring so much pressure into one’s life. How did you get to find your purpose and the courage to fully pursue it?

Memory Zaranyika: My parents and siblings regard me as the most intelligent and creative person in the family, l actually did quite well at school earlier on, but in later stages my calling took center stage. My family is very supportive of the choices I have made. In fact am studying further now; you could be talking to a human rights lawyer in future, who knows?

DHLA: You are a designer and image consultant by profession, how important is education when pursuing a career within the music industry?

Memory Zaranyika: Education is everything it frees your mind and turns you into a better person. I trained in design and image to compliment my career.

DHLA: When did you actually realize that music is something you’d want do for the rest of your life?

That decision probably came once I dropped my first project which was a song called "Somalia People" at the age of 6!. However, the final decision followed after the Bhogo, Bhogo project.

DHLA: How has the vision and direction changed compared to that of Memory a “6 year old”?
The vision is set and never changed. I want to be the best female artist in the world in my own eyes.

DHLA: What keeps you content?

Memory Zaranyika: My dreams and the continuous flow of ideas in my head of new songs and music. And having no musical limits.

DHLA: What again inspires Memory Zaranyika?

Memory Zaranyika: Family and real life situations.

DHLA: The music scene in Zim must be different to ours in South Africa, how do you maintain the standard of your productions and song writing to accommodate other parts of the world?

Memory Zaranyika: Well, music is universal, a universal language. Zimbabwe, South Africa, and other countries are just a theatre stage - no difference. For example I have a lady from Poland who is my band violinist.  The new album by Memory, "Down Memory Lane" is being launched in Harare. Memory has come and my music will speak well into the future. Watch the space.

DHLA: On working with The Heavy Quarterz on their debut album – Kosha.... Memory is featured on a track titled “Dreams’’.

Memory Zaranyika: Where do l begin, The Heavy Quarters! Firstly l would like to thank the Almighty for introducing such profound talent to my doorstep.
 It was at the group called the Deejays corner that l met Teboho The HeavyQuarterz who is not only a good friend, musician but a great mentor as well.

Through continuous conversation we then decided to do a project together on remixing my pioneer project Bhogo, Bhogo and a couple of other Deejays including The HeavyQuarterz took to the task. Teboho inboxed me one day and said “Memo we are done”!

This was the birth of a very strong relationship as l had discovered efficiency talent and determination in the gentlemen and through hard work we embarked on a musical journey and the song “Dreams” from the KOSHA album was made and to date we are still making more music, thanks to The Heavy Quarters l discovered a side of me that l never knew existed, that l could sing house and its all thanks to The Heavy Quarters!

DHLA: Who else would you love to work with?

Memory Zaranyika: I would love to work with Mafikizolo whose African collaboration ideas have quite impressed me.

DHLA: In closing, what does the future holds for Memory Zaranyika as an artist, and growing brand..

Memory Zaranyika: Memory is a rare talent. I have a message to give. Zimbabwe, South Africa and the world will get the message soon hopefully. They will say Memory took us down her Memory lane. They will continue to walk down that lane - The Memory Lane, that is my Brand.

DHLA: Thank you for your time Memory. God Bless you


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