Triple Threat: Mthunzi, S-tone & Sino Msolo


in no particular order, ok lets say in order of appearance, ladies and gentlemen, this is your triple threat!

We call him, Sifiso 's -tone' Magagula aka S-Tone the best vocalist collaborator in Africa, here is why

DHC: we have been waiting for an album baba. Just how long have you made us wait

S-Tone: Since joining El World Music I'd say three years. Since then I've released a six-track EP, the IMBIZO EP.

DHC: you are originally from eSwatini. How would you u market it

S-Tone: I'd make sure my features a good on the project. One of the first places I'd want to launch the album is in Eswatini because its where I'm from.

I'd give it an appropriate title representing me and where I'm from and my musical journey.

I've worked well with the El World Music team thus far and I'm sure the support from the label in terms of marketing assistance would go a long way and well.

DHC: Late last year you appeared briefly on RhythmCity etv. How was that

S-Tone: It was a great experience and fun. As exciting as it was, meeting and being on set with some of the Rhythm City cast made me realize that it isn't easy doing what they do.

I had a small role in just one episode and I made sure I didnt have to make many mistakes to create a good first impression, so I did quite alright. I want more of that.

DHC: Massive radio roatation for your hit track Shiya Phansi. Which other collabos have you been dishing

S-Tone: Well besides my appearances on Sun-El Musician's album "Africa To The World" and Simmy 's "Tugela Fairy",
more recently I've featured on Mthunzi's album, on a song called "Umlilo".
Also featured on @SinoMsolo 's album, on a song called "Thando". I'm also on Azana's coming project.

I'm constantly in studio working on new music, so there's more to come.

DHC: You have a track that you did with Claudio Jaftha and @Kenza that we heard on a mix. Was it the first working with the duo?

S-Tone: The track is called "Come Back Home", and it isn't the first with Claudio X Kenza. I worked with the duo on the song "Shiya Phansi" which is on their recently released hot album "Circle Of Life".
I'm constantly in studio making lots of music with the talented duo. They are responsible for production on my "IMBIZO EP" also.

DHC: Take us briefly, once more, thorough your EP and it's reception

S-Tone: The S-Tone Imbizo EP is a 6 track EP released late 2019, produced by Claudio X Kenza.

It's a dance music project and my vocals are dominantly in my home language, Siswati...and a bit of English.

The project has had good reception thus far mainly because of the two singles with videos included in it, "Imbizo" and "Vuka Africa" which features Simmy.

DHC: with all thats currently allegedly happening in China to black immigrants, you have a track called Vuka Afrika. What's your covid19 message and why should we listen to the track

S-Tone: Well the song "Vuka Africa" was recorded early 2019, before the COVID19 pandemic really hit.

The song in it's true essence is a cry for peace and that we should stand together as a people.

I was inspired to write this song by the wars and the killings that would take place in the Southern African region and rest of Africa.


I also wrote the song based on the xenophobic attacks that would destabilize businesses, communities, the economy and so on.

People should listen to the song not only because of its positive message, the great afro-house groove, and of course Simmy and her beautiful voice on the chorus.

During these trying times, there's some connection that "Vuka Africa" has I guess.

DHC: on a lighter note, if you werent a house muso, what would you be singing. RnB doesnt count

S-Tone: Since Rnb doesn't count, I'd say jazz or Hip Hop. I know these genres are worlds apart, but I grew up listening to a lot of hip hop.

Everyone who knows me well knows of how I often recite rap songs. Jazz, well I love it too. I listen to it quite often and because that's where I might go in the future...more soulful music basically.

5 minutes catch up session with superstar vocalist Mthunzi aka Mthunzi Ndimande

DHLA: how has been the reception of your album?

Mthunzi: It has been unbelievable and am grateful for the way people have accepted my gift as one of the best in SA.

DHLA: tell us about Mthunzi the producer and the tracks that you produced on the album

Mthunzi: ohh well on that note😁, Mthunzi has been producing before even coming to El World Music but i’ve always doubted that i am unique in production on it own.

on the Album Selimathunzi i produced 5 songs,
1. Elentulo,
2. Kwaphela u ink,
13. Phondo Olukhulu,
15. Yena,
16. Sayitsheni feat. @SinoMsolo , i did add on to other songs but i wouldn’t take any credit for such because i am honest to myself 😊

DHLA: Sun-El Musician mentioned on a radio interview about this production ability and rumor has it that you are also perfecting your mixing craft. We know that it is different from Djying, tell us more

Mthunzi: Yes mixing is a skill on it own but there’s many ways used in approaching mixing
in as much as it’s a skill but you play around some rules eg. you cannot send your song for mastering with a mastered volume🤷‍♂️, but yes it is not like djying, when mixing you actually design sound, it’s exactly like putting a filter on a photo.

DHLA: You have a track out with Thabsie with the same beat which is in you album called Ngibambe la. Dope video by the way, just how different are these tracks

Mthunzi: Oh well the one i did with Thabsie is actually her single which she featured me on and it talks about a lost loved one
well the way it was written it shows how much it is personal to her and it’s a very good song, the one on my album Ngibambe la features Claudio X Kenza who are on production of the song is about having someone you love and assured that is indeed yours that’s why it’s called
ngibambe la simply means “hold me here” both of them am on and same beat was used which got people fighting and asking 😁,
there’s nothing bad about using the same beat in fact it’s a skill also to be able to sing and write different massages in one instrumental.

DHLA: You also have a hit song that is not known to many with Idols SA Kyle Deutschmann this time, called give it all. How did that collabo come about

Such a dope tune i love it so much, Kyle Deutsch actually came to El World Music ’s one of the studios, and he said he wanted something sort of like amapiano, Claudio X Kenza made that beat and he was loving it in a way that he wrote something on it then in the middle of everything he said i want to sing something in Zulu,
then i wrote my verse then told him to sing it we tried and tried and he said i must record it and i did the next thing i know he loved the way i sang it 🤷‍♂️ that how i got myself a feature with him 😁.


DHLA: From a guy that was working as a baker at a local spar. how has being a Universal Music South Africa artist changed you life

Mthunzi: I really cannot believe that a year later i have achieved so much from being just a baker to being a sort of like recognized musician

my life has changed well not completely but most of the things, Universal Music South Africa is the biggest company in the world so myself being one of the artists signed there was a dream for years and look at God.

DHLA: For an upcoming artist that wants to follow that route, what is your advice

Mthunzi: There’s nothing you can do to bring back time

l say if you have something in your heart and mind start doing it because you will regret time you spent doing absolutely nothing
and l’d say if you give up on something it really means it is and was never yours but if you give up on something that is yours it will stand still until you come back to it and guess what it’s still yours but it never moved you are actually starting over and trying to make it work
l will never face 2014 music challenges because l’ve been there with it but if i had left it i was gonna face them now because they’re still there waiting for me. don’t give up always have a willing to learn, fail and come back at it for a victory

Just a quick 5 min with Sino Msolo

DHC: You have a successful album out released late last year called Mamela. How has it been received

Sino: So far so good i have been getting positive feedback and its been quite humbling.

DHC: For someone that has never listen to it, how would you describe it

Sino: The album is a story line about a couple and each song tells what the couple is going through. Its also a mixture of house, jazz and soulful sounds.
It also presents a side of me as a musician and the sound is something that people have never had of before.

DHC: We had the chance to see your SABC 3 @#SABC3AfternoonExpress perfomance of your hit song Kaso. Do you play back such content?

Sino: I do cause its something that I've seen myself doing or dreamt about.

DHC: You have smooth record out with Simmy called Ngihamba nawe,
congratulations are in order,
a feature on Mthunzi Ndimande aka Mthunzi's album and a you dropped a shocker, obtaining a new tittle as a talent scout. Tell us about Azana

 Azana is a friend of mine now, we attend the same school and i saw her perform one time at school and i was very impressed and taken by her approach to singing.

Time went by and l got signed then i also introduced her to the guys in the label El World Music
Before i asked her to do a video singing any Sun-El Musician's song and tag him then will see after whats going to happen but i was hoping he will like her and she might end up with us.

Sino Msolo

DHC: Upon listening to the recent interview with Kaya FM 95.9 frontman, Thabo "Tbose" Mokwele Page, you seemed to not grasp the magnitude of the platform. What is your reflection on this

Sino: Not really cause for me as a person i really believe to being myself and not act like i know things and I'm always willing to learn and be taught about something i didn't know.

It was just an innocent reaction nothing bad intended.

DHC: Back to our album, you feature S-Tone on "Thando" , my favorite by the way, with Claudio X Kenza's Kenza on production. Take us through the process of crafting it

Sino: The song i actually wrote it back at school and i just kept it and when i met the gents i was like let me try it out and since S tone is an awesome love song writer i was like let me involve him and told him the story line then we recorded.

DHC: Its your last year at varsity but there is Covid19 wrecking havoc. How was that impacted your entire plans

Sino: It has impacted big time and I'm just hoping though that things will go accordingly once everything is over.

DHC: Lastly, you have a collabo with a hip hop artist. Without giving much away, give us a scoup

Sino: The song is awesome and Im looking forward to the release. Its an uplifting song talking about people to mind their business rather than yours. Its a song made that was made so fast yet its great.


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