25.3.12 Johannesburg, South Africa

I have had the priviledge of rubbing shoulders with some of Mzansi's rising vocal talent, the newly found raw gems that the entire world is glued to, the ones that call "Ones to watch"

I puzzled about where they get this mentality but here it goes, sing a track or 2 then wait...... wait for the BIG record labels to make that call and eventually knock on your door. Upon signed the not sooo visible "terms and conditions", a flood of people will just come "RUSHING" in, some with 300 pages of gigs that you want to commit to, some with pay cheques for all the work you have done before then, Endorsements galore, going on about it will make me go insane

This is obviously a long short from the reality that we live in. so what is it that they can FREELY use to get out there? What is it that they can do themselves without having to endure consultation fees? Its relatively simple, go VIRAL!!!! launch your own campaign via twitter, facebook, have  blog, the works. Don't jus open them and do the "fans will push" game. We the fans, are starved of new info, real info, the info that goes beyond the "hi fans, on to the next gig, chillin". Keepus on the loop, where is this gig, who are you, whoz aslo performing there, udume ngan'?

I wish could give them a hot CLAP for this, lack of INTERACTION. if the fans are asking you questions, do the same, ASk ASK ASK ASK. "so how was my last album? who should collaborate with, how many of you'll attended my last gig?" make us feel like we are soooo important, give us a platform to vent our criticism, our joys, celebrate together, let us flaunt the fact that w e are part of your lives. keep us glued to your profiles, post pictures, be a BRAND

"To them you are a star that's not normal, that doesn't grow hungry. You're like a Diva. Take advantage of that perception and make lots of money out of it"

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