We was robbed!!


During my 2 years or soo stint with Tertiary Institutions, I've been exposed to Grade 12s, matriculants, our future leaders. EVERYONE wants to be a dj #BBMShockedFace# It is nooo suprise really as Entertainment is top of the menu in S.A. They see it as a quick way to make a buck and in sooo doing, we've lost out on potential Proffessional Doctors, lawyerz and scientists. Imagine rushin' into a emergency ward to find out that no one is able to help you cause they have Giggs? Yo!! So how does one know whether its a calling or not? How do u differentiate between passion and impulse? Simple, ask for a career test, witness students who actually study tha course, have a look at what it is that they have to cover. Its never fun and games as I've watched students rocking up with headphones only to realise that they don't get to use them for a full on 2 years, imagine. With that said, its never to late to do tha ryt thing. Let's open up tha playing field by having some pple do it part tym, for now. I am not a Dj :-)

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