The RISE of young S.A producers and the closure of Afrodesia.mp3...


Sooo, there has been so much focus and yada yada on the big producers, international and local, pushing boundaries and setting the standard. THen... Out of the blue, in comes the younger, vibrant, determined "Never Heard Before" Mzansified producers.

 Im talking DaCapo, Culoe, infected Soul, lnfinite boys, the list is endless. Speaking of BOYS, may we get more original names without the "BOYS" thing. It now sounds like the Soweto funk, Limpopo funk thing, sooo mono-T-onous.

 Just the other day, BOOM! Itunes opens shop in South Africa. Before we could even celebrate, Louder BANG!!! Afrodesia announces its imminent closure. Yo!! So much drama in one month. Now question is, what happens to the upcoming producers? is it the end? hold on... Was the platform ever effective for them? Coz truth of the matter is, there is immense talent in South Africa.

If a known brand like AfrodesiaMp3 closes shop, who is going to lead the blind? Maybe lets rewind it, flip it, take it back little and trace back in terms of where this new "Farm" of producers originate...

 One would argue that its something to do with the rise in internet access. It still doesn't come cheap..... what about the cheaper bundles that blackberries have to offer? A bit off topic, maybe the rise of fruity Loops, virtual dj and all these funny softwares has created an avenue for the artists and producers to antagonise each other and create diversity in the future sounds.

The rise of an inquisitive bunch that is determined to set a new trend,  Question is, will these youngsters be able to provide food on the table like the Kwaito revolutionaries?
Does the closure of AfrodesiaMp3 hinder their growth as piracy, via hard copy cds, is rife? It simply goes back to them (young producers) investing in themselves. Going back to school, learning and perfecting the Art. Most of these good colleges do offer marketing as a module for sound engineering, mix of contextual studies. Maybe its the educational background and career choice in me thats talking

 And Afrodesiamp3's future?

it would be good to learn from their strides cause they do deserve a pat on the back. it would be a blessing to have them back revamped, polished and ready to blaze one more time

 Happy holidays folks!!!!!!!!

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