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Sascha Wagner aka "Solid Deep" (formely Dj Subzero) is a German deep house DJ. From a young age Sascha was electrified by the precursors of today's electronic scene as Westbam, Sven Vath, Chris Liebing, Torsten Fenslau, Mark Spoon, Bandulu. to name just a few, so grew the demand to have the plates revolve itself. It all began in 1996 ... Sascha initially played at private events but soon came the first booking requests from clubs in the Rhine-Neckar region. After a few guest appearances he quickly became resident DJ at the legendary Lagerhaus in Mannheim and the Cubar in Schwetzingen. There followed bookings in clubs such as the Ludwiq, Soho, Blue Moon, Queens Club, and many more.

We ask Sascha:

 DHLA: Tell us more about the forthcoming mix on hungarian Online Radio Station prime fm? How did that gig come about......?

 S: I got a message from the makers of the radio show, he had seen my mix in a group on Facebook and he liked it. He asked if I would like to play a one-hour mix for the hungarian online radio station number one. I did not think twice and of course immediately said yes.

DHLA: "What goes in your set? Any Labels, Artists that you never leave out? Any Artists from Africa that you ca n recommend?" Sascha: "My new Mix is straight Deep, l play Tracks from Deep Spelle, Soullight, Kate Simko, Tom Lustig.... Deep Spelle is one of my absolutly favorit Artists, his own tracks but especially his remixes for various artists are so huge. other artists that inspire me are Maya Jane Coles, Master Dj Tony Soul, Evren Ulusoy, Terry Lee Brown Jr, P. Laoss and Manuel Moreno.

 DHLA: "Any projects that you are working on? production maybe? Any links that we can use to get more info about you?

S: My plans for the future are yet to make more music, maybe find a new club in which I'll resident. I would like to play at Kazantip, anyway it attracts me more abroad, the Netherlands, Hungary and France, I would like to drive in the future. There is a great deep house scene My Links where you can get more information about me and listen to my Mixes - https://­­SaschaWagnerDjSubzero­?ref=hl Catch Sascha on the hungarian Online Radio Station Prime fm on the 9th of June.


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