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After a Smashing lnnerview that we had with the Humble one, Sascha from Germany, it was inevitable for us to Jet back to the motherland , Africa and patrol the streets. We introduce to you, the lovely Ms Thato......... Ms Thato, born Thato Johanna Kekana, recently changed her stage name as she was affectionatly knows as Dj Smugly. Born in vibey Soweto and raised in Palm Springs, our pearl, grew up amongst male DJ’s, her grandfather who played Jazz, uncles, cousins to her very own lil cousins. She reveals that that’s where the love for music developed.

Under the watchful eye of Rhulani, her couzin, she grasped the technic of spinning the decks. The passion propelled her to practise on her own.

She was also mentored by her uncle Trevor and the Pitch Poetz Crew (PPC) who also added a few hints and tips. When she was finally ready to be unearthed, unveiled, she started playing at the Pitch Poetz events and had the platform of flaunting her talent as a DJ at DJ Ganyani’s cd launch on the 8th of August 2010 where Ms Thato played an hour set. The Diva ha also blessed the devoted crowds at The Rock in Soweto. Ms Thato has entered the Redsquare Dj Knockout competition in Vaal where she got booted out in the semi-finals.

The relationship did not end there as she still dawns the Red Square colurs to date. Our Diva also had the opportunity to play at Thetha fm. Ms Thato is currently a resident DJ at Shisanyama (Mid Corner) in Sebokeng. Having played alongside Black Coffee, Dj Shimza, Mo Flava, Gordheaven, it she is definitely one to watch!

 She had this to say

 DHLA: do you still feel that the house scene is still male dominated? do you think that the crowd respond differently just because you are female?

 MsThato: Yes, males are still dominant in the industry... I feel that males are very creative in terms of music production and Djying itself more than the way females are.

 It is only a few girls that really make it in the industry, especially here in S.A under the house genre as vocalists and as dj's... The crowd does react differently when a female steps on stage and approaches the decks... They give all their attention, wanting to hear the girls set and that's pressurising us... And when they like what they are hearing and are impressed, they dance with excitement and shock, making the crowd in my words "extremely wowed!

 DHLA: We at DHLA, are sooo loooking forward to your compilation.Tell us more about your forthcoming cd? How did that come about?

MsThato: I ws very fortunate being a girl and in the industry in less than 3years to get such an opportunity. God blessed me with a wonderful ear that made me fall in love with music.... And the beautiful sounds of house music and one of my couzins saw my passion and love for it and introduced me to one of his friends who wanted to start a recording company... And that's where it all started... Soulful People Volume two features soulful progressive house tracks from some of our best local producers like Lele X, deepconsoul, mizz, Lavida, monocles&slezz donald sheffy's track remixed by room 806 and more... It will be available in all music stores nationwide from the 6th of june... Please support You can follow her on Twitter @MsThato_Dj and my page on Facebook is: Ms Thato for bookings contact Don Whats app: 0739319602 Mobile: 0846319840

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