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Sanele Sithole aka Sun EL Musician  is a young music producer who fell in love with music at a very tender age. The young producer would lock himself in his self-made bedroom studio and feed his hunger for music from the year 2007 up until 2010. During this period the the talented Sun El Musician discovered that his remixes were peaking to popularity in his home-town.

Sun-El’s music was heard at clubs and in taxi’s in and around Mooi River. The fortunate youngster then received an opportunity to work for Demor Music early 2011, and from his commencement date to present date Sun-El has applied himself and embraced the gift that was afforded to him. Sun-El Musician’s ability to apply was then tested when he received the opportunity to produce 3 tracks for Songbird BUCIE’s(Get over it-Remix, Indukenhle, Mid-night, Hard to get) Princess of House album.

He then moved on to making magic on DEMOR’s debut Solo album where he has produced numerous tracks. The latest banging track he has worked on is (Under-Pressure) which has been rated number 1 on YFM’s -hot 9nine and 5fm – Fresh and Euphonics dance show.

These were the DHLA questions we had for him

 DHLA: Take us through your Journey, how you got into the industry? How has it been for you?

Sun-El: I started off by doing Remixes/Bootlegs in 2007. I co-founded Black Tunnel with my Brother Dj Mondy. In 2008-2010 l began working on my own material, making mixtapes and mega mixes A friend recommended my work to Demor Music around 2011. I got my first break and started working in studio for the first time with the likes of singer/songwriter Bucie who was working on her third album, (The Princess of House) along side Producer/Songwriter and Vocalist “Demor”.

Then this year (2013) I worked on Demor’s debut album “The Real Me”. Currently working on Bucie’s forth studio album and on a new project called “Sticks and Stones” with two other Demor Music artists (Les-Ego and Oristo Cratic)

DHLA: One of the concerns raised at the Southern African Music Conference (SAMC), was the issue of proper Mastering on tracks. What is your take on this and what do you use?

 Sun-El:Most people rush to fame and end up releasing projects that are not mixed well and therefore sound engineers are unable to do anything to fix the songs. For mixing I use Logic Pro.  

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