Sun Dial Records' 1st Lady. Who IS Nonjebs?


Nonjabulo Dlamini, 22, KZN, Pietermaritzburg, Student
Her love for music started in her teens. Her Dad is more into Jazz music the likes of Andreas Vollenwireder, Dave Koz, Kenny G and more. So they would always watch live Dvd shows for these Jazz gurus. Nonjebs fell in love with the instruments they play. The Dj came across this diff genre, called  soulful and deep house , that is derived from Jazz, the instruments quite similar.

 ln 2010 her cousin introduced her to a mixing software Vdj (Virtual Dj), which taught her a few basics. Nonjebs started mixing and playing during house parties that her friends hosted.

2011 she then  decided to further her love for music by enrolling to study for Sound Engineering at Damelin College, Bramely Campus, Johannesburg. The Dj elaborates,  "I met this guy from my class and he introduced me into Jazzy house music. By that my love for music went even feature. Then Bheki discovered me and mentored me, together with Bahle and "introduced" me to their record company Sun Dial Records. They taught me more on how to mix plus I had more understanding of some of the basics and inner understanding since I was studying sound. 2013 I decided to release a mix called Future Classiks Mini mix. People were excited and had a positive feedback. One of the radio presenter from the local radio station in my city (Pietermaritzburg) approached me if I would be intersted to come to the studio for interview. I agreed because it was something exciting and that will bring my name out to the people."

"I compiled a 30min mix and named it For Your Ears. I've currently release a Podcast called September 2013 Birthday Presy Podcast since it my birthday month. It has reached 682downloads within 2days. Even people from other cities have been giving me great feedback, some even wish to play a one on one set one day. My plans onwards is to release monthly Podcast and mixtapes of different house music genres to show people that I'm versitile and also to involve myself into production".

We wrap up our Nonjebs lnnerview with two Rock solid questions

 DHLA: We hear that you did/do production. Whats happening on that front?

 Nonjebs: During the course of study, we were introduced into different types of instruments and also manipulating and identifying different types of instruments for different genres. I began to engage myself into production. I produced some of the tracks for the record company Sun Dial Records. Due to certain circumstances, I lost all my work. So I was discouraged a bit but my love for music production didn't stop.

DHLA: which are the female Djs/Producers that you look up to?

  Nonjebs: Groove Candi is currently my inspiration, but I only look up to male producers, the likes of Chymamusique, Dolls Combers, Da Capo, Dj Phat Cat and other house producers and deejays There you have it folks #ThatsAwrap!!

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