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Is a community project, taken from the facebook group title. With the success of the social media platform, there were numerous requests for merchandise among the group members. The group at the time of writing is hovering close to the 33 000 members mark. Merchandise is available on the RedBubble online store and members and none-members have been proudly flaunting the apparel


Is a solo project by the founder, Bhekinkosi Becks Ndlovu. He created it to foster a relationship between House Music Djs and Producers from as remote as Romania and South Africa for example. There is so much house music besides what is currently on rotation in Africa. So many Djs and Producers are classified as underground for the mere fact that they are unknown and it has nothing to do with the type of music that they do.  Hopefully with this venture, exchange programs can be made and geographic hindrances can be seen as a thing of the past. What better way to identify your welcoming committee than to be dawn in exclusive DHC Apparel. Apparel is also available on the RedBubble store, positioned a bit pricier than the DHLA collection

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