The Frent Ovidiu aka Ovylarock #DHC Innerview by Lucinda Gail Roux


What started off as a distribution deal request by Ovylarock to #DHLA has given birth to this
lnnerview right here. Without further delay, Deep House Craft  presents its very first lnnerview,   the Frent Ovidiu aka Ovylarock #DHC Innerview hosted by the drop dead gorgeous, the sassy, DjLusanda


Lu:Who are you and where do you come from?

 Frent:My real name is Frent Ovidiu and I am from Romania. I was born in Bucharest in 1990.

Lu:Tell us more about the name Ovylarock?

Frent:The first part Ovy comes from my surname Ovidiu and the second part is derived from my favorite artist, Swiss DJ and producer Yves Larock.

 Lu: When did your love for music start? 

Frent The love and the passion for music started when I was 15 years of age. I was dreaming of becoming a music producer to make my own music. I was very ambitious and dreams, coupled with a lot of hard work, does come true.

Lu:    Do you have any formal music training?

Frent No I don't. The only music training I have is my ears.

Lu:   What then drew you towards music production?

Frent I was dreaming about producing my own music and tracks since I was a child.

Lu:   Have you set up a studio for yourself? If so, which hardware and software do you work with?

Frent I have a small studio at home, but I am thinking of setting up a real production studio in the future. Right now I am using software like FL STUDIO 12 and CUBASE 5.

Lu:    Touchwood! But say for instance a fire broke out at your studio, what is the three most important items you will grab?

Frent It will have to be my guitar, soundcard, studio monitors and midi controller.

Lu:   With the focus on music production, do you have your own set method of starting work on a track? 

Frent I don't have a special method since I always work differently on every single track or remix.

Lu:   Do you tend to use a lot of samples or do you mostly produce your own track from scratch? 

Frent I don't use samples all the time, but it really depends on the track that I’m producing.

Lu:  Tell us more about some of your past projects and releases? Especially your new track Charlie.

Frent Since I have started to remix tracks from artists like Sasha Lopez,Viky Red,Costi Ionita, Sunrise Inc.,Faydee etc. I have had much success since some of my remixes became official remixes. Then I started to make my own tracks and the first release was a track called Hey that was signed by an Italian record label. I then produced Charlie and signed it with DMN Records from Germany.


Lu:  What exactly do you look for in a track that makes you want to remix it? Or does it happen spontaneously?

Frent I especially try to remix tracks that I like, but sometimes I even remix tracks that I don't like that much like some well-known commercial tracks.

Lu:   In South Africa we have a problem with illegal remixes being made and published online. Tell us, what are the difficulties you experience as an independent artist to gain the right to remix other artists’ tracks?
Frent I always try to speak with the artist first to receive a confirmation answer from them before I publish something.

Lu:    What is your opinion regarding the digital music scene, where music is readily available online and record labels as we know them, are phasing out? Does it benefit you as an independent artist? 

Frent In my opinion, it’s very difficult to achieve success in the music industry if you don't have a very good promoting system, since the success of a track is dependent on 20% music quality and 80% promotion.

Lu:    What or who in the music scene inspires you most?

Frent I like to listen to different music genres since every track and producer inspires me. So no, I don't have a favourite artist.

Lu:     Do you also have periods of time when you don’t feel inspired?

Frent Yes, sometimes I feel that I want to quit music but I have a strong character and this is my secret weapon.

Lu:   What do you do to cultivate inspiration and recharge?

Frent I always get new ideas by listening to music. Sometimes when I am not in my studio at home, I will record my ideas on my mobile phone and work on them once I arrive in the studio.

Lu:     Are you working towards releasing your own album soon?

Frent I am always working on a lot of tracks. Hopefully in the future I will release my own album. For now I am not focused on this. 

Lu:  Tell us more about Ovylarock’s future projects. What visions do you have for you brand for the next five years?

Frent I am working hard to build my brand and to try and make it solid. I want to be appreciated by the people for my music. Maybe in the future I will have the luck to sign with a big record label that will open more opportunities for me.

 Lu: Which advice would you like to pass on to aspiring DJ’s and producers?

Frent Work hard, never give up and always do something that you love to do.

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