Oluhle is back!


Back to the music now. We got to finally, exclusively listen to Oluhle’s slamming new track, 'Musandinetse'. She needs no introduction to the Real house heads

Talk about a catchy intro. Strings that make you just want to shake. When the vocals finally come in they just elevate you. Makes you want to understand what she is referring to, what she repeatedly keeps saying. Ladies and gentlemen, shes back!

The track has that cross-over appeal. One that you can easily fall in love with. She says “musandinetse”, don’t trouble me, don’t pester me, she begs. This lady just wants to do what she wants. How she fuses those lyrics with a touch of Gospel is pure Genius. Talk about less is more

We definitely need a proper lnnerview, #DHC style. Stay glued on this

Well done Oluhle! 

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