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Just in time for Spring yeah. Dropping 3 projects, simultaneously, cause we can. Stayed tunned for:

 #DHC Label

We Drop the Marko Resilient innerview 

The Serbian born Dj/Producer has been using the DHLA facebook group for more than a minute and we can gladly say that we've been right there. From remixes, then production over to Podcasts. We thought its about time we dig deep

 #DHLA Label

 Enter the Afrokam innerview!

We got the heads from a UK based counterpart, only to discover that the lads have been posting on the #DHLA group since 2014, imagine the jawdrop. We've been jamming to the Wadlala ngothando track that features Zee, ever since.

#DHLA Marketing

At a time when we are so starved with gems, when the house scene seems so dry, then comes Molsh feat Mahlangie - Sunshine. What a masterpiece, the one where you can't just hide your discovery, you wanna shout it all out. We are so eager for you to hear it. We have already dropped a Molsh innerview, time to get Mahlangie in and zoom ln. In the mean time, wait for the single. I said wait! Lol   ‎

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