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Happy New Year everybody! Long live House Music!!

We taking advantage of that lil' excitement you still have for the festive season by sneaking in our DHC Gabriel Macgaren innerview

 DHC, (Deep House Craft) is taking you on a first class ticket to Brazil, Santa Catarina.

 All abooooooooooooooooard everyone!

#DHC: We see you’ve been on our DHLA facebook platform since 2014 and you’ve posted quite a lot, take us through your journey from when you started until now.

#GABRIEL: I have always been passionate about music. In my adolescence I was part of some bands as a guitarist. Thereafter I began shifting between rock styles passion for electronic music was imminent. I started as a DJ in 2006, a year after l was already producing my own tracks.
 In 2009 I also released some tracks on beatport. The experience was really fast but the constancy is the fundamental pillar now.

#DHC:Do you DJ and/ produce? Which one do you prefer?

#GABRIEL: I do both but particularly I prefer the production because I express all my feelings in music and its so easy to take my musical dreams all over the world.
 Being a dj is fantastic for the energy exchanged with the audience.

#DHC: When would you say was your turning point that made house music your specific choice of genre?

#GABRIEL: house music is something spiritual, that's what attracted me and believe it or not, still makes me shiver to this day
 I have varied tastes hence l mix some techno elements in my new tracks.

#DHC:Tell us more about your productions.

#GABRIEL: Vary greatly between styles from eight years of producing. Now that I've created a musical identity, I’m mirroring me in my favorite artists to make my new tracks, always seeking the mesmerizing melodies but always making sure that the songs are danceable and do have good mobility on the dance floor.

#DHC:Which one stood out and why?

#GABRIEL: I think that the "Angel" track was the one that snatched hearts around the world, because of his melodies and the bottom of the groove, it remains one of my favorite.

‪#‎DHC‬: How is the House scene in Brazil?

‪#‎GABRIEL‬: We have a beautiful scene in Brazil its constantly growing and evolving.
I am lucky to live in the state of Santa Catarina which has one of the best clubs in the world called Warung

I've attend shows of several of my favorite artists, and we have great producers and djs with full international exposure

We also have an abundance of emerging Djs and Producers, great promise for the future.

#DHC: What influences your style?

#GABRIEL: The virtuosity of classical piano is something that influences me a lot.
I'm also strongly influenced by Israeli artists like Guy Gerber and Guy J, with productions that oooze different melodies.

I love dance music with a huge bassline, laced with a good choice of timbres of synths, is one of many of my influences of sound.

#DHC: You have a lot of original productions. Do you offer these for remixing, if so, which one has stood out?

#GABRIEL: Yes,sometimes when l'm asked

#DHC: What is your relationship with Worldwide Exclusive records and how did that come about?

#GABRIEL: The label owner Paduraru is a long time friend. He invited me to do some remixes for Worldwide Exclusive records, he knows my work and how I do this well so sometimes approaches me to make some remixes for the label.

#DHC: Take us thorough your preparation for a mix.

#GABRIEL: I always try to leave my identity in the mix, but I prefer the mix to tell a story with half start and finish than choosing the tracks randomly.

#‎DHC‬: Tell us about the 30 mins exclusive mix for this DHC innerview?

‪#‎GABRIEL‬: I chose my tracks mainly house music and tried to show the evolution of productions as a timeline for my work. Here is the link:here

#DHC: Where would you like to take your music? Where specifically would you like to play?

#GABRIEL: I always dreamed high with my music. I wish to play all over the world and spread my music worldwide, South Africa, USA, Canada, Europe…when this happen I will be living a dream.

#DHC: What makes you stand out.

#GABRIEL: The originality of my tracks I think, and if I were to to define myself in two words, l'ld certainly say perseverance and resilience, that's the big difference.

#DHC: 5 tracks on your playlist right now

Guy J – Live Another Day
Blancah – Vulture Dance
Garance – Suzy
Guy Gerber – One Day In May
The Yukon Club - Absence

#DHC: Your advice to up and coming djs and producers.

#GABRIEL: Be honest with yourself and always follow your heart and your intuition, you are your own hero.

#DHC: Whats your take on house music from Africa? Any that has caught your attention?

#GABRIEL: Oh sure, I always listen the new releases from Black Coffee and the guys from Kronologik Records.

#DHC: We see you had a release on The Tretmuehle label, how did that come about?

#GABRIEL: This is so great you know. To be side by side with great artists like Tensnake, Cosmic Cowboys and Philipp Ort, a great honour for me of course and It’s just the beginning!

#DHC: Do you listen to house music from Germany? What’s your take on their dance scene?

#GABRIEL: Germany today is the electronic music scene, The Meca, so I like a lot of labels that are Berlin based like Enmusika Records, Steyoyoke, Katermukke and Diynamic Music
these guys are really on fire, such amazing tracks from the artist, how not like? :-)

#DHC: Live versus computer generated music?

#GABRIEL: I like both, we see a lot of guys like KiNK and Rodriguez Jr doing their live acts so well and playing live with computers together,
like Bjork one time said Ïts amazing when people say that electronic music has no soul. You can’t blame the computer. If there’s no soul in the music, it’s because nobody put it there”. I think like her.

#DHC: How can the readers get hold of you?

#GABRIEL: They can see me rolling on soundcloud  and like my page on facebook right here too  . I'l wait for your guys there!


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