The Tshenolo Morobane "Staffroom Maniacs" DHLA Innerview presented by Shane Mfulwane


There isn't a greater feeling one gets that when you teach someone a particular skill and they are able to use it better than you. Just the other day, l was a loner, doing odd innerviews without a particular audience. Fast forward years later, we now have a dedicated team, that is able  

DHLA  presents to you, the talented Tshenolo Morobane aka "Staffroom Maniacs, presented to you by Mr Shane himself. Lets....

DHLA: Please introduce yourself to the #DHLA community.

Tshenolo: Well my name is Tshenolo Morobane-Phora, I’m from a Kasi called Meadowlands in Soweto. I am a music collector/Dj and an upcoming producer.

DHLA: When exactly did you fall in love with house music?

Tshenolo: Yoh, I was in grade 6 in higher primary when I heard a Salome Di Bahia tune called "Outro Lugar".... I was stunned... The Latin sounds killed me... I think Bob Sinclair did the remix... It was an amazing tune... I had heard house before but this tune I think was the one that made me fall in love with the genre.

DHLA: What really draw your attention to house music?

Tshenolo: Even though House music like any other new age genres, was influenced and derived from Jazz and Motown sounds.. So my Mom is a big fan of these  genres, automatically I fell in love with the genre, so when I heard tracks like "Outro Lugae" twisted in to a fast paced tune, it intrigued me.. Got drawn into the genre to find out more I guess...

DHLA: You are being recognized as one of the shape shifter in the scene, what are the things that are really important to you when it comes to deejaying and production?

Tshenolo: Wow, I really don’t see myself in that highest regard (lol)... But thanks.
Well, I became a dj first before producing... So learning more about house music was a big deal to me, that was more important.. I collected music for years before I could learn how to Dj.... But in 2003/4 I witnessed Dj Fresh play live, and that’s where I took the decision to learn how to play... Naturally I am shy guy, but what I saw Fresh do, the confidence, the power he had, the energy he gave out, it told me that this could be a platform to express myself as well.. So when I play, its important that I leave a mark and give out that electrifying energy to the crowd.. The same applies to my production... I give people a window into my soul through my music.

DHLA: Tell us more about the name Staffroom Maniacs, and how did it come about?

Tshenolo: Staffroom, well we have been friends for over a decade now.. We met in 2002 in high school... We started making music in 2007 as a collective, well we were just messing around with Fruity Loops really... Until we took it seriously in mid 2008, when the response in gigs to our trax was good and we just chose the name as we were naughty at school and we were regulars in the teachers Staffroom... Thus the name.. And we are mad, so thus the Maniacs....

DHLA: Afrodesia mp3 provided a great platform for you guys to sell your records, what effects did the shutdown have on Staffroom Maniacs as an evolving brand at that time and you as a producer?

Tshenolo: It was a huge blow honestly... But a huge wake up call for me personally.. You see our music did so well on that platform that we became too comfortable to try the route... I mean I had icons like Ralf Gum, Jihad Muhammad, Pablo Stelar, Osunlade, Timmy Regisford buying and playing my music already, so that was enough for me.. So when Afrodesiamp3 closed we were left behind already.. We had to start from scretch... To resell ourselves to the world, and it meant changing our sound with times, I was not comfortable with that and I ended up taking a break from production... A move that was both good and bad.... Lost the momentum we had built, which affected our brand badly.. But it meant improving these Afro that we like and love....

DHLA: How did Cultured Minds the project come about?

Tshenolo: Hahaha funny story... Mid 2009, I had a big tune out called "Spiritual Dance", the tune brought us closer to a lot of huge cats at the time... So one day I was sleeping in a taxi and had a dream being interviewed by Oskido at Yfm about a collab I did with AudioPyper, Crystal Vinyl, Infinite Boys, Darque, Mz, King Thabs and Episode.... It was so real that I had to post a status about it.. I did and the hype was just too big.. To that extent that the very same day, we got offers to make it a reality.. Well we did and that interview with Oskido did happen.. Talk about a dream come true. I remember when AudioPyper and Infinite boys were with Oskido with regards to the Ep, the phone calls and emails were flying.. (Lol) Episode even got stalkers and calls from record labels wanting to sign him after they heard his track.. That project was a huge success.. It put all of us on the map... I think 3 weeks after its release, Infinite boys got a deal from Kalawa Jazmee Records... AudioPyper exploded too; they did some projects with Afrotainment and had some licensing deals... Darque exploded too.. (lol) we even got a deal to release an album... but unfortunately the label guy was not serious.....

DHLA: There’s a growing movement on the line, “Headlines Of My Soul”. What inspired it?

Tshenolo: It’s a platform I created for myself to express myself on since I had stopped producing... So I created a podcast series called "Headlines of My Soul".... It’s still a baby brand but its growing.. I have recently started to host Sunday sessions under this umbrella, which I invite close friends of mine to play good music for a good course... Me and a close friend of mine David from Crystal Vinyl, started sponsoring less fortunate kids with school shoes... So the proceeds of the sessions goes to that course.... So far 5 kids have benefited from this... We plan to grow this to benefit more kids...

DHLA: Few people know that you are entrepreneurship crazy, a great analyst and that you greatly look up to Brian Joffe (Bidvest CEO). What are you currently working on?

Tshenolo: Hahaha, ya that’s my undercover persona... Joffe is a genius man.. He is a very aggresive business man for an accountant (lol)... He is a great strategist and analyst... and yes I look up to him..
Well currently I’m still in the drawing board phases, building a couple of business models to take on this year... I’m interested in the property market and share capital building.. And I do some ad hoc operations optimisation consulting for small entities in my spare time.. That is where my head space is at now...

DHLA: We have seen pictures on your Facebook page, whereby you had received a donation of school uniforms and school shoes from Homebrewed Entertainment. What initiated the drive?

Tshenolo: As mentioned above, I have decided to use my love for music to help kids from poor backgrounds with basic necessities, like school shoes.. So the Headlines Of My Soul Sundays was initiated for that purpose.. So every month we going to host these sessions and the proceeds will be used to supply as many kids as possible with school shoes.. The first one was hosted on the 31st of January at Meadowlands Zone 2.... It was my first event, did not go as I had planned but was enough to buy 5 kids shoes..

February and March we have personal obligation me and David, so the next one will be hosted end of April, gives us time to better plan and prepare the gig so it can be a better success than the first one.
And big thanks to Homebrewed Entertainment for their pledge, for every event; they pledge a pair, that’s good... So thanks to the guys... They power the event with quality sound equipment...
And The Djs: Noxious, Episode, Infinity, Ohk Ost, Linda from AudioPyper and Menzi from Mushroom Boys for supporting the 1st gig with their presence..
Many thanks to Pitch Poets too.....

DHLA: Apart from music, you are highly focused and value education. What are you studying?

Tshenolo: I’m doing my final year in Accounting Sciences.. (lol) my music life delayed me a bit back in the day.. But my focus now is on my studies..

DHLA: Back to Music, Code 1852. Who is Code 1852, and what is Code 1852 all about?

Tshenolo:  (Lol), Code1852 is my solo persona, my imaginary friend.. He is named after my kasi's postal code which is "1852"... I’m using this Alias to represent my area and to put it on the map... So expect a lot from me under this Alias musically in 2016...

DHLA: You have worked with a lot of great guys from Josi Chave to Linda Ginya (Linda Ginya Music, YFM, AudioPyper) to Kabelo Episode (DHC). What knowledge have they imparted on you?

Tshenolo: I have worked with a lot of guys who are big names currently... But yes, these 3 are amongst them.. Josi Chave released our first ever release "Spiritual Dance"... He gave us a chance and platform... I learnt alot from him before he became as big as he is now.. A very humble guy... Linda is a cool dude, a brand architect of note... This ninja can build a brand out of anything he wants to... He gets a lot of hate because he is deemed arrogant and stuff, but its because he kicks doors open when some of us are scared to... Kabelo is a brother to me (lol)... A musical genius, his taste in music is seamless... What I take from him is to be humble at all times..

DHLA: Musically, who would you like to work with?

Tshenolo: Locally, Xtetiqsoul, Infected Soul, Punk , Vencer Cafe, Bright Breeze and Vandal M...

DHLA: What inspires Tshenolo Marobane?

Tshenolo: God, Family, Love and Art. :)

DHLA: Its 2016, what should the world expect from you?

Tshenolo: More music and more positive energy... I have a remix coming out on FOMP (UK) soon..... And more business ideas hopefully.....
You can get hold of me on these:

Podomatic Page:
Soundcloud Page:
Instagram: Tsheno_Code1852
Facebook: Tshenolo Morobane Phora


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