DHLA's Makabongwe Spyc Dingiswayo aka Dj SPYC9T1 innerview Curated by DJ Lusanda


Well Dj Lusanda is no stranger when it comes to dropping innerviews. We managed to track her down in Cape Town just in time for this drop. Lets.....

Makabongwe Spyc Dingiswayo aka SPYC 9T1 is a house music DJ with his roots in Kagiso in West Rand. Still residing there, he continues to spin the decks, share his passion for music and making people dance. Eager to grow and develop, SPYC 9T1 is teaching himself music production in order to make his own tracks and take his DJ career to a whole new level.

DJ Lusanda: So tell us, where did the name SPYC9T1 originate from? How do you pronounce it? Is it Spyc like “Spice” or “Space”?

SPYC 9T1: Haha, it’s pronounced Spice. The name was given to me by my best friend from high school and it just came like many other disliked nicknames, but this one was different and stuck. In 2014 I decided to add the “9T1” which is the number 91 written in a different form. It is the year I was born.

DJ Lusanda: Please tell us a little more about your DJ brand SPYC 9T1 and what you stand for?

SPYC 9T1: SPYC 9T1 is a story of a DJ and upcoming producer on a quest to make his own contribution to the music industry. His hope is to inspire others and set unique goals in order to create something that will be remembered in time.

DJ Lusanda: Mysterious. I guess we have to wait and see. I have read on your Facebook page that your love for music was inherited from your parents. Please elaborate on how this spark for music was ignited and how you ended up becoming a DJ?

SPYC 9T1: My late father was a choir conductor and my mother sang in his choir. I grew up witnessing them practice and perform, doing these choir things, which inspired me to pursue music. Unfortunately, I can’t sing to save my life and that’s when I thought of becoming a DJ in order to share my love for music.

DJ Lusanda: So do you have any formal music training, like attending a DJ course?

SPYC 9T1: None at all.

DJ Lusanda: That is impressive. So tell us how did you learn the skill of DJing like mixing, beat matching, etc. Did you teach yourself or mostly learn from friends?

SPYC 9T1: Most of the things I know, I have learnt through observing and listening to others. A friend of mine then got equipment and allowed me to practice on it. He guided me whenever I was practising and the growth followed with time. I’m forever grateful to him for giving me that opportunity and he even calls me his finest student.

DJ Lusanda: It is important to be unique in a saturated market. What style of music do you play that makes you unique?

SPYC 9T1: I play all sub-genres within the house music genre and I would say my presentation and preparation is what makes me unique. Depending on where I’m playing, I prepare and try to be different.

DJ Lusanda: As a DJ one experiences many ups and downs. What do you regard as your best moment behind the decks?

SPYC 9T1: I am still growing as a DJ and a brand, but the GOGO Music event that was at Tso’s Butchery in Kagiso was by far the best. The All Black Fiesta this past Friday presented by Major League was another highlight.

DJ Lusanda: And your worst?

SPYC 9T1: My worst was when I had a bad set at Tso’s Butchery in Kagiso, it’s been uphill since then.

DJ Lusanda: It is important to learn from one’s mistakes in order to grow. What do you mean with a “bad set” and what steps have you taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

SPYC 9T1: Jeez, I don’t even know how to explain how dreadful my display was on that night. Even my friends told me how crappy I played and I felt it when I was playing. I didn’t prepare my set for that night and since then I made a promise to myself to prepare and never disappoint myself or friends with such a display ever again.

DJ Lusanda: You have been DJing for four years now. What is one of the most important lessons you have learned over the course of your DJ career?

SPYC 9T1: To never think that I’m bigger than music. To remain humble and to always give my best whether there’s a small or massive audience.

DJ Lusanda: Wise words from the Spyc. Through humbleness you shall be uplifted. You told me you are learning how to produce your own music. Tell us more about some of the challenges you are experiencing as an aspiring producer?

SPYC 9T1: Creativity doesn’t come easy and as a self-taught producer, one needs to teach yourself the basics first. Selecting the right instruments that do not throw the song off is another challenge.

DJ Lusanda: The SABC recently implemented the 90% local music policy on all SABC radio stations. In my opinion it is a great initiative. What is your view on that and how do you think it will change the music industry?

SPYC 9T1: Yes, it’s really an amazing initiative. This will ensure that our producers and artists get more airplay, which will increase their royalties and also gain them more exposure.

DJ Lusanda: Do you have any big plans with your brand for the future?

SPYC 9T1: I do yes. However only time will tell and help me develop those plans as I grow.
DJ Lusanda: Life can get tough sometimes for everybody, where one feels demotivated. Who or what inspires you to keep pushing and stay motivated?

SPYC 9T1: Music motivates me! Another big motivation is the support from music lovers and the compliments I receive for my efforts and presentation.

DJ Lusanda: What is your favourite go-to track?

SPYC 9T1: Hahaha. It’s pretty hard to choose one as I have many favourites. However, I will choose Sun Goes Down by Sculptured Music.

DJ Lusanda: A lot of young people have this dream of becoming a famous DJ. What advice do you want to pass on to these aspiring DJ’s?

SPYC 9T1: Remain humble and be eager to learn from everyone and everything. Whether it’s a good or bad experience, it will benefit you in the long run.

DJ Lusanda: From myself and the DHLA team, thank you for your time SPYC9T1.

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