DHLA presents the Thantaswa Matshobongwana aka Ms Cry,Kill and Die innerview


It impossible to talk about SA house music without talking about Soul Candi. And when you zoom in, you meet the talented Dj Mbuso , and when you check his catalogue, there is that DrDuda & Dr MB experimental project. And in that project there is that slamming track that just stands out called that night featuring Thantaswa.

Ok, let's try a different approach. Remember that Cry, Kill and Die track by Jerah ? Riiiiiiiight, you relate now huh. Thought as much :-)

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the One, the Only, the talented, Thantaswa Matshobongwana.......

DHLA: You are usually referred to as the "cry, kill or die" lady, is that still so?

Thantaswa: Yes, this is still so. People find it easier to identify me with the song rather than the name Thantaswa, merely because the song has been so far more popular that the artist herself.

DHLA: Have fans messed up the chronology at some point * laughs *

Thantaswa: I would say so. I am usually told for instance that I sound like Lebo Mathosa, and there has been an incident where my first feature was confused to have been a Lebo Mathosa song.

DHLA: Tell us how you started off on your music career

Thantaswa: I’d say it all began in my Dad’s kitchen. This is where I fell in love with singing and began to understand my voice and what it can do. When I came to Joburg after matric, I met up with artists and producers such as Fortune Masina, Dj Mbuso and Duda, whom were among the earlier musicians to formally introduce me to a professional platform. I also had a live band called Seeds of Light that saw performances with bands such as Kwani Experience, Uju Freshly ground and many more. This is where I expanded my musical ear to genres such as Indie Rock, Blues and traditional music.

DHLA: What has that track with Jerah done for you

Thantaswa: Cry Kill & Die was one of the biggest songs in South Africa. This helped in building my audience, in opening up possibilities on how far my music can go and how much I can grow as an artist. It also affirmed my musical career.

DHLA: Are you on the background or should l say away from the limelight by choice?

Thantaswa: Music has not been my sole focus so far, I have also been pursuing my studies as well as a small business. I have thus remained in the background by choice, which has also allowed me opportunity to learn the music business.

DHLA: House music is quite competitive in terms of female vocalists, how do you keep afloat?

Thantaswa: By appreciating other fellow vocalists and singers in no attempt to assimilate myself but to be encouraged instead to keep on producing good music.

DHLA: Who would you say is your 'competition'?

Thantaswa: I think there is quite diversity in South African music. No one really stands in competition with the other why because we all write, sing and compose what we feel, which is usually a very personal and unique process. I don’t see competition in that regard.

DHLA: Take us through the EP you've been a part of

Thantaswa: I am currently featured on a song called DROP IT by UPZ. The song is currently out on ITunes.

DHLA: What should we look forward to from you?

Thantaswa: I plan to release a series of singles which will eventually build up onto an album, based on audience response. The first single to look out for is UZOY’IDELINKANI.

DHLA: What 5 tracks do you have on your music player

Thantaswa: Toshi Tikolo : Audiogasm
Bob Eazy ft Sinai: Close to you
Foxy Brown: Take me Home
Cold Play: Paradise
Celine Dion: If that’s what it takes

DHLA: Any dream collabos both local and international?

Thantaswa: Am I allowed to go wild on my wish list? Mam Busi Mhlongo at one point; she was my favourite singer in the country. Apart from her is Eryka Badu, J Cole and Salif Keita. The wish list is endless.

DHLA: Advice to up and coming vocalists

Thantaswa: Take interest in learning the business of music, this will come in handy throughout your career.

DHLA: Are you currently signed to any label

Thantaswa: I am not signed under a label currently; I work as an independent artist.

DHLA: Anything planned for women's month

Thantaswa: I have a song called IM WOMAN that I am currently promoting this women’s month. It stands to recognise women in their roles as mothers, sisters, wives and daughters.

DHLA: Everything in moderation except?

Thantaswa: Constant improvement and belief in yourself

DHLA: What and who inspires you?

Thantaswa: Reality and everyday challenges that we face as global societies somehow encourages a sense strength and inspiration to aspire for positive contribution to both the self and others.

DHLA: Please share your social media handles

Thantaswa: Facebook: Thantaswa Matshobongwana
Twitter: @m_thantaswa
Instagram: Thantaswamatshobongwana


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