Nothende's fight with Soul Candi, their affiliated parties and Dj Lulo Cafe'


We asked Nothende for an interview not so long ago and part of our list of questions was inevitably
about the "l wanna love you song". We are still yet to get a response but we have no doubt that she
has tackled that Q.

Read this...

"6 years later and I still don't understand why the people from Soul Candi (& affiliated parties) have not paid me a single cent for the international sale of 'I Wanna Love You'
Not a single cent. But the song is on so many compilations acrossthe globe. For sale. That means SOMEBODY is making money from all those international remixes.

I was initially told 'no money was exchanged. It was a good opportunity.' This was in 2011. At that time, I had no place to stay. Iwas crashing on friends couches. I had just released my first album. Promoting it meant no money. But I Wanna Love You was doing well & the DJ was getting gigs for days. I remember practically BEGGING him to put me on his shows so I could perform the song (I didn't even care if there was no stage or if the sound was bad. I just needed to make SOME money). I was prepared to be given peanuts for these performances. I begged. Begged the guy. And he told meall sorts of things about clients not booking for performance but for a DJ set, and and and...
So I had a manager who was low-key chowing my money, I had Soul Candi not wanting to pay me for the international sale of this song, and then I had the DJ who wouldn't let me jump on his set for 5min to make some much needed change..

To this day, people still listen to (& buy) that song with all its remixes. And to this day I have not seen a cent from the sales. Last I checked I was not even given the correct publishing credentials on the international remixes. I wrote that song. I composed the melody. But my name was nowhere to be found next to 'Written by: '. I hope that has been fixed. (It also affects my international royalty income) I've kept quiet about this all this time, because I generally don't like drama.

But that entire situation affected SO many things in my life. And I know I'm not the only singer who has been used like this.

As artists in the game, we do a lot of exchange work where there is no budget to pay people. I do a song for you, you do a song for me.

That type of thing. But some people take advantage of singers in this way. Personally, I have come to dislike the song for this reason. I don't respond to any comments or posts about it.
It sickens me to the core that music and artists are disrespected like this and the people who take advantage of us flourish while we suffer.

So if you ever wonder why I'm stubbornly doing things on my own, why I'm not doing so many features anymore, now you know. This industry is FULL of people who don't value the craft, but they only value the financial value of it. If there was no money in music, half the industry we know today would not exist in these spaces.
Rant over. I'll leave it here."

Surely Soul Candi should issue a press statement, especially the fact that this was unveiled during women’s month. We will be following this developing story



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