Spring Fiesta 2016: the DHLA sample


So the Spring Fiesta event has come and gone. As much as many felt it attracted fewer revellers, it still has that 'Spring' aura to it, something no event can fake. Kudos to Luyanda Ntlebi, Director of Soul Kulcha and Sho Mag for finding us worthy to cover such a prestigious event on their behalf

The Media Conference

We had the privilege to also attend the conference and that's where we got the heads up as to how massive this deal is. The event is said to impact 21 Million Rand on the economy. Power!!

With relations hovering the 4 year mark with the likes of Peermont Group, and Heineken, it's no mystery why


Now back to the event. I arrived just in time for Monique Bingham's performance. Boy is she GIgantic!! And no I'm not talking about her physic. Her voice easily draws the crowd in, from all the other arenas.
She bellowed her hits, from Pride with Dj Pepsi, We Had A Thing ( With Abstract Truth ) , elevator (going up) with Louie Vega, her hit 'You. Me. World'  and a new mix done by Black Coffee of the hit "Deep in the Bottom". The later got everyone in dancing like there's no tomorrow and the "elevator (going up)" track might need some getting used to. I loved how time conscious she is, neither too early to drop a set nor overlapping to other slots

Atjazz and Ross

The duo was up next, taking over the reigns from Monique Bingham. Sphe and Dj Naves also did the interlude, boy do have instant recognition from the crowd.

You could tell that Atjazz meant business. He dropped known remixes, soulful, sing along jams. From Afrotraction - Ngawe Atjazz remix to Marisa feat. Saturna - moment (Atjazz remix) to the collabo with Zano Urban which features the talented Julian Gomes called 'Here To Stay'. And Zano never disappoints by the way. He makes his presence felt, sure is worthy of his own entire set (which we missed)

Ross was just the icing that Atjazz needed. Coming in just at the right time, he made the moments track such bliss without guitar riff

Djs @ Work (Christos and Vinny)

Now before I delve into the set, let me try paint a picture of just how this floor was set up. I'm not talking about the physical structure, I'm no engineer. This is where Soul Candi comes into play. How do you make sure the floor works, even if it's not the main stage?

One thing about a Djs @ Work set, can be loosely compared to a Black Coffee set, from the sense that, you never know the tracks, however you are certain to hit the dance floor! One of the patrons had Shazam on and the thing just did not produce results for except one or two lol
It was always going to be interesting, that transition from Ndinga Gaba to the duo. I have 1st hand experiences of them whispering into each other's ears and egos clashing on set, not in a way that would jeopardise the set or visible to the naked eye

By the time they Christos played Mr V - Something With Jazz (Jimpster Remix), we were all singing along, clapping, cheering them on. The Duo also played The Late Lebo Mathosa - Music (Dj Christos Magic remix), a rare special moment. We just didn't know whether to cry or stand and sing along but sure got us reminiscing :-)

Location and Access

The place is easy to locate, with the number of Metro cops such a give away. Security was extra tight, with barriers every 500 metres for both cars and attendees on foot. I did not see a visible park and ride facility available, I stand to be corrected


Well done to the Spring Fiesta team. The event is a certain reminder that music brings us together and that the house music genre is alive. My wish is that there be more variety in terms of food stands as it is a 12 hour marathon
It would be essential to have Power Plays Residency stage (Generation Next) to have actual Dj names

A good 8/10


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