The Matome Rufus Pennyru Masenya aka Khurumulla Obee Fase innerview presented by Thato LePhoto


Thato LePhoto aka Mr Serious is no stranger to the platform. A true Deep House Craft (DHC) ambassador, he recently,  dropped the Mtv Mama music industry workshop round up


Matome Rufus Pennyru Masenya  aka Khurumulla Obee Fase is a young man from Polokwane, (Limpopo Province, South Africa) a student at University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in Johannesburg and one of the most promising Deep/Tribal house producers in the country. Mr. Serious got hold of him and this is what went came up in their comms

MR. S: Tell us about the name, Khurumulla Obee Fase, how did that come about and what’s the meaning behind it?

Khurumulla:  It means “Open And Put Down”. This phrase is in our pedi cultural song which our great-grandmother use to sing to us as kids. So once upon a time, a certain DJ chose to make a remix of this song. It was a tribal house remix and I love tribal so much, so this song was played on radio and I loved it, so I just decided to change my Facebook name to Khurumulla Obee Fase in grade 9, since then, I never changed it again and when I started producing, I continued using it

 Mr. S: How did you get into music?

 Khurumulla: I was a loner (always alone because no one understood me). I was a much disciplined child from an early age, so I was always trying to call other kids to order. That didn’t go well because kids left their parents at home to come have fun at school but only to find out that they have another parent at school, which is you meaning they won’t like you. In those times of loneliness and people’s misunderstandings about me, Da capo, Culoe De Song, Black Coffee, Problem Child, etc they were with me In spirit because if I listen to music, I don’t care about anyone or anything. I can spend the whole day alone, it doesn’t matter. I can walk kilometers without even getting tired while I have headsets in my ears.

Mr. S: What made you choose Soulful Tribal Dance music amongst all others?

Khurumulla: I love culture and cultural rules. Some girls here at Wits even say that I’m so yesterday. I know myself and I want to know myself more. I want to know where I’m  from and where I’m going. I respect cultural rules which many people don’t follow in the modern world. I'm not a modern person, I love tribal deep soulful ancestral house because it makes me feel more African. It makes me feel less of an imitation. And I also think I keep my ancestors happy.

Mr. S: Who is your main influence when it comes to music production?

Khurumulla: Da capo the person who motivates me the most, especially realizing that people used to look down on him and now he is great and awesome. And he keeps on rising.

Mr. S: What are your views on the SABC’s decision to play 90% of local music?

Khurumulla: It is a very helpful and smart move for the south African music industry because it will help us, upcoming artists, to get more exposure. Because this thing of people being successful in the music industry because of connections is not right and it kills our upcoming artists.

Mr. S: Which tracks and artists have stood out for you this year and Why?

Khurumulla: Da capo ft apple gule – Forever
Dafro - Never let you go
Black Coffee ft Ribatone - Music is the answer (House Victims remix)
Culoe de song – Converstion with God
Da capo – Mr. Unpredictable

Mr. S: What are some of your most memorable achievements thus far?

Khurumulla: Only academic achievements from high school and just increasing views on YouTube with a little bit of recognition increasing

Mr. S: What motivates Khurumulla, in this constantly changing world of music?

Khurumulla: Truly speaking, I can’t stop. I always keep pushing. I was never like this in school even though I was performing well but I was never that passionate about anything this much. Nobody pushes me, it just happens automatically. When people didn’t like my music at first, instead of me giving up, I wanted to show them that I can do it and then when most of them realized that I’m good, they started ignoring me. Hence I made the song. “The Ignored”

Mr. S: What are some of the set backs you have faced as a music producer?

Khurumulla: Producing non-quality music because I lacked the knowledge in producing quality music. So many people advised me to watch YouTube tutorials. And I did, then everything started changing. Another was jealous DJs who didn’t support me because they see that I might be greater than them. But anyway I keep finding new friends to go with. Thats why I upload other people’s song too on my YouTube Channel in order to give them exposure.

Mr. S: Any artists you would like to work with or an ideal collaboration?

Khurumulla: I would love to work with Dafro and Problem Child at this stage right now. After gaining some experience, I want to work with Da capo, shadow him in fact!! Then by the time I’m super-hot, I want to work with Black Coffee,Manuel Tur,Stimming,Calvin Harris,Hugh Masekela,Judith Sephuma,Vusi Mahlasela and Black Motion

Mr. S: Would you rather stay independent or would you go with a record label?

Khurumulla: I would rather go for a record label and gain stability first before going independent

Mr. S: How is the recognition of local artists in your area compared to that ofinternational artists?

Khurumulla: Recognition is bad, because people don’t listen to music, but they listen to a name. And the fact that one has to have connections in order to succeed is even worse. Some of these big artist are just like girls sometimes. When you are working hard independently trying to get recognition, they don’t care and they don’t even listen to you. Even if you send then an inbox asking for their advice they won’t reply. You send them a song, they don’t care until the song is well known, then they will be all over you. So recognition won’t improve if we still listen to names rather than music.

Mr. S: In your opinion, how has the internet changed the music industry?

Khurumulla: It helped us a lot, I mean we gain recognition bit by bit almost every day. Back then if you were not given a record deal, you were not going anywhere. Now people can be independent

Mr. S: Do you have any advice to other up and coming producers out there?

Khurumulla: They must do what they love. Don’t be controlled by the unstable what you love and people will love it, but be patient because it might take sometime. Be stable and the unstable industry will rely on you for balance

Mr. S: What can we expect from Khurumulla Obee Fase in the future?

Khurumulla: Nothing but music and giving back to the people, only if God allows it to be so.
To get hold of Khurumulla or to just hear more of the sounds that take you on a spiritual journey from this budding creator of masterpieces, go to

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