Kostya Voloskovich aka Kostya Outta DHC innerview


Just the other day, we took you on a flight to England and presented the Mr Silk innerview

Now we jet off to Belarus, Eastern Europe, to meet the maestro, the talented Kostya Voloskovich

Lets not spoil the fun.....

DHC: Thank you for letting us do this ‘innerview’

Tell us about you?

Kostya: Nice to meet you. I’m Kostya Outta - 25 y.o. electronic musician from Minsk, Belarus.
I love the beauty in all of those things which compose my life. Especially in music. Because only the music can bring the biggest pleasure to me, my soul and my mind.

That’s why I left my office job a year ago to dedicate myself completely to music. Today I’m playing as a DJ, creating new music and teaching young DJs to work with the DAW (digital audio workstation) Ableton Live.

DHC: We never thought in our wildest dreams that we could engage with a Dj from Eastern Europe, how is the house scene there?

Kostya: Nobody knows. Yes, it’s a joke, but very similar to reality. We have world-known musicians in Belarus, but they are playing mostly beyond our homeland. That’s why the majority of people doesn’t know anything about them.

And we have lots of DJs, particularly in Minsk (the capital of Belarus). Usually these guys (and girls) are much better known here.

And only they determine what kind of music people would listen at the parties in the clubs and bars. Most of them are the masters of their craft. So I think it would be very easy for you to find a venue where you’ll enjoy the house music.

As for me, I’m trying to combine the best sides of these two groups of artists. It gives me the opportunity to play in Minsk and outside the Belarus.

DHC: And your music journey, when did it all start?

Kostya: I think it began when I went to music school first time. I was 5 and, I think, I didn’t quite understood what’s going on.

After a couple of years I started to compose little tracks on piano. That’s how I’ve started.
The next big step in my journey was my first DAW. And then I understood that I would like to engage my life with it.

DHC: Are you currently signed under a Label?

Kostya: I’ve released on such labels as SINCOPAT, Nasty Funk Records. Dear Deer Records, Soleid , Spring Tube label and many others.

Since my first release my music has received support from Maya Jane Coles, Microtrauma, Shiba San, Vanilla ACE , Darin Epsilon , Paco Osuna and many more..

DHC: Where would you say, is the Mecca of house music?

Kostya: I think It’s Ibiza. Have not been there yet, and hope to accomplish this item of “to do list” in the nearest future. Because I’ve heard lots of interesting and awesome things about this area.

DHC: What would you prefer between Djying and music production and why?

Kostya: The better way would combine these things, but if I need to choose only the one, I choose music production. Because this process is full of creativity. This thing makes me happy, when I see that I made something beautiful. And I’m feeling that I do not live in vain.

DHC: Where has been the most memorable event you have been part of and why?

Kostya: In 2012 German festival Mayday took place also in Belarus. Then I was a part of house-techno duo AARONAUTICA. There was a competition between Belarusian DJs and musicians to get into the line-up of this festival. And we won it!

We’ve been playing good music at the event with such artists as Lutzenkirchen, Sander van Doorn,  Aly & Fila and Westbam. I also remember this gig as a gig with the most responsive crowd. That was really awesome.

DHC: How has technology changed the way you do music?

Kostya: I already don’t need the piano to produce the music. Today you can do this even while you’re on the way. You just need a laptop, audio interface and headphones. That’s it! It is very convenient.

DHC: 5 tracks that you currently have on your player?

Kostya: It can seem strange, but I don’t listen to music via the player. At the moment I really appreciate the silence. This is my best soundtrack to any occasion.

DHC: What do you have in store for the year 2017

Kostya: I don't like to build a lofty agenda, but in the first two months of the coming year I will have tech house releases on the Spanish label “ Soleid ” and Ukrainian “ Dear Deer Records ”. Also, I have a gig at Radio Intense in Kiev in January. It will be live broadcasting on PDJTV (http://promodj.com/tv)

DHC: Tell us about your 30 mins mix

Kostya: This mix is a little deep story representing my latest musical preferences. Good for listening at the time of sunrise.

Mix Link

DHC: What style of house music do you produce?

Kostya: As a rule I work in such genres as Deep and Tech House. But whatever I produce, my music always will have a mood created from space, depth and melody.

DHC: Advice to upcoming Djs and producers?

Kostya: Follow your dreams!

DHC: Message to your fans?

Kostya: Thank you for motivating me to work harder and to do my work better!

DHC: Please provide your social media links

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