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We finally get a chance to get on a plane, 1st class and have a chat with some of the movers and shakers in London. Join us as we exclusively bring you, the Deep House Craft (DHC) Mr Silk​ innerview

DHC: Mr Silk, how did you come up with that stage name?

MrSilk: Happens to be my Name .. So wasn't that difficult 

DHC: Tell us about your journey in music

MrSilk: Always liked music as in everything from Soca to Opera, I promoted parties for loads celebs like Will Smith​ & Faith Evans​, djing and hosting but House music was always in the back ground, but as the Afro sound emerged, I wanted everyone else to hear and feel the elation the music I felt, So I did a mix sent it to a few friends and got a call from a radio station, they liked the sound and what I was doing so invited me to do a show, I did that show for just over a year.

DHC: Tell us about your show? Who is part of your team?

MrSilk: I was the drive time Host for The Beat London 103.6 FM​ ( former name BANG RADIO) and I'd started doing a Afro House mix show on another Radio station, I wanted a change of direction and decided to leave and follow my passion on the other radio station. Just over a year later got a call to return and do my show THE DRUMS on a Thursday night and its been like that ever since.
 The radio show team is small my producer Dawn who is wonderful and is party of Mixed Message Music and Myself. We also have the I Love S.A. House Music​ Top 10 with the V Man ​ and a new exciting entertainment feature with DA KRUK​ from Yfm​

DHC: How is the club scene in London 

MrSilk: The London scene is vibrant and energetic, its just starting to find the sounds of Afro house so its a really exciting time! 
We have a monthly Sunday Afro house Mecca called The DRUMS, people come along dance drink and get down to the sounds of the drums. 
Also I have another night called DRUMS x VIBES with live percussionists we do that one every few months.

DHC: Part of your show is dedicated to Afro house, why this choice of genre

MrSilk: All of my show on The Beat London 103.6 FM​ is dedicated to Afro house, I also have done the BBC Radio 1Xtra​ Afro house Takeover Shows for the past 2 years, it has become my calling; more and more as I immersed myself into the sound I found more stuff, I just wanted to share with the world.

This year at ADE in Holland I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel discussing Afro house and it's growth for Blackstereo Records​ with DJ Shimza​, Boddhi Satva Official​ and Oscar P amongst other leading names in the industry, it was a pleasure to be asked to do it.

A lot of view points where discussed, Djs with many years of experience shared knowledge thoughts and incite. It was good to see so many people from different countries and walks of life all embracing the music genre and culture and admiration of achievements amongst the panelists.

DHC:  Big news is that Kutloano da Kruk​ aka DA KRUK​ is now part of the show, how did that come about?

MrSilk: You know sometimes they say things happen for a reason, an amazing designer and mutual friend Maria McCloy​  introduced
us, I was looking for someone and mentioned it and she said DA KRUK would be perfect! So we are now going to be getting the latest
entertainment news from him and also we are discussing future projects bringing South Africa and UK together more closely under the banner
of afro house.

DHC: What's on your tracklist right now?

MrSilk: Ahh This question lol.... Right now mmm

Kind of Love - DJ Thes-Man​ Jackson Brainwave remix
The Power is you - Enoo napa​ Mi Casa​ Pascal Morais​
Everything - Natasha watts​ - Little Louie Vega​
Charlotte - Prince Kaybee​e ft Lady Zamar​

DHC: Any upcoming events lined up?

MrSilk: Yes we have a massive The DRUMS party for New Years Day and DRUMS x VIBES returns with a special SA Dj Guest in 
Feb 2017!.. Also the weekly radio show on The BEAT 1036FM London.
DHC: Any upcoming Djs and Producers we should look out for?


Enoo napaNapa 
DJ Thes-Man 
DJ Satelite (Angola)
Rabs Vhafuwi

Best thing listen to show lol... if you can't catch it on Mixcloud follow me I always repost them so listeners can catch up.

DHC: Message to your fans?Your social media links?

MrSilk: Just keep the Afro house vibe growing spread the knowledge and the love... and follow me lol..

Thank you for your support!

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