The Dimakatso Mashiane aka Dindy DHLA innerview presented by Hlezz


Bahle  Moyo aka Dj Hlezz serves this one on a DHLA plate. Read about DHLA’s 50% right here.

Now, for the business of the day. … DHLA was so blessed to chill and catch up with Dindy SA who was so insightful and gave us a walk into her artistic life

DHLA: Let’s open the chapter by getting to know who is Dindy? Where does she come from and where she grew up?

Dindy: I am a young lady born in the East Rand of Johannesburg, grew up in the streets of Daveyton where l was raised by a single parent with my sibling.

DHLA: Being a teen in Daveyton , (that is high school) how would you describe Dindy them ?

Dindy:  Soooooooooo like in high school I used to hang out with the cool smart kids cause im pretty smart myself lol , I wasn't a book worm like them but chilling with them automatically made me cool which l liked ……………oh I hated homework though(you have no idea)

DHLA: Hold up why hate homework

Dindy: I felt like homework was so much of torture lol but hey it was meant to be done lol …….. Funny I was a very shy person but somehow the shyness vanished into thin air

DHLA: Take us through your musical journey ......when did it all start?

Dindy: I am blessed to have grown up in a family that love music so the seed was planted at an early stage of my life but then I didn't have the slightest idea that I could sing or write music.  In 2013 things took a turn when I met Dj Fortee whom I got introduced to by a close friend of mine Harry ………..then the magic started to really blossom music was created song after song”

DHLA: How has been the musical journey this far?

Dindy: Honestly speaking, it's not easy!!!!! It's tough but throughout the journey I've learned to love my work more and appreciate the support l get which is always a blessing as well as a pillar of strength.” “I've also learned to be patient and trust God in all my work

DHLA: What were biggest challenges and how did you overcome it? As well what was the fun and easy part.

Dindy: Working with different beats proved to be challenging for instance ‘naughty dance’, that song set a huge standard for me personally as I tried something new and of cause I wanted it to be the best. So if Naughty Dance wasn't what it is today I would have maybe cried myself to sleep LOL.  The fun comes in enjoying the challenge of overcoming a challenging beat ……. I therefore find joy in it

DHLA: You being such a talented artist ....what inspires you Dindy?

Dindy: My mom and sister inspire the most as well as that A Woman Never Gives Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DHLA: Take us through those emotions of being in studio for the very first time ....

Dindy: I was so nervous, so happy, extremely curious and sad actually as I remember was going through a lot LOL relationship wise yeah you know the one that makes you question if there is a problem with  you Kkkkkkk...... (Don’t ask what happened tu)

DHLA: We won’t corner you on that moment  LOL , watching you perform Adele's Someone Like You (Video Available on Dindy SA Page Facebook) is so mind blowing to hear your vocal ability and interpretation. ........did you study or go for vocal training?

Dindy: I got an opportunity to study music at the Campus of Performing Arts, there l learnt a whole lot of technicalities on performing. Anyone who is an artist should look into furthering their own potential and better their skill, that is important and will help you be the best

DHLA: That is such a power statement remind me of a statement that says “The best way is to invest in yourself  nothing will beat that power”………………..the name Dindy how did that come about & you pop up in a lot of house music news , takes us through your projects.....

Dindy: Dindy comes from ‘dark Dindy’ so I decided to use Dindy. I love working on a lot of different projects, people talk about "don't be everywhere” but l say I'm a musician. I love what I do and the only person that will stop me is the one that gave me the voice.

DHLA: How has the house music scene welcomed you? As well as what are its challenges from an artist point of view.

Dindy: I've learned that not everyone likes you and that's okay. Not everyone enjoys your craft, which is okay too. I really try not to be in competition with anyone but myself so it is not such a warm red roses champagne welcome however it challenges to capture and convert the industry into seeing the talent in you.

DHLA: What would you change about the industry if you had the opportunity?

Dindy: RESPECT goes a long way and l wish that would be engraved all over the industry

DHLA: If you had the chance to pick any producer to work with who would it be?

Dindy:  SIR LSG!!!!

DHLA: What can we expect from Dindy in the new year?

Dindy: I don't wanna jinx anything LOL but please be on the lookout I have so much lined up


loves playing games like monopoly , dominos though she is not great at chess

her favourite saying is
 “God is amazing and forever will be”


“Music is my Freedome”

l feel free when l’m on stage , l feel alive and that’s where l get to be Dindy 100% its my playground.


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