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Drum roll please..........

Introducing, the ONE ,the ONLY, the One-To-Watch, Karabo Rabjanyane aka Aliphatik.... Without giving anything away..., here goes

DHLA: Who is Aliphatik?

Aliphatik: Aliphatik is dance music composer, producer, DJ and studio owner. Mama named me Karabo Rabjanyane. I'm a full time entertainer, I live off creating, selling and performing music.

DHLA: Tell us about your upbringing

Aliphatik: I was born and bred in a Limpopo town known as Tzaneen, I wouldn't say I'm from a musical family because nobody at home really took it professionally but I was always surrounded by music. 
My mother and sister consumed a lot of music and my granny played the drum in a local cultural music group.
 I got busted a couple of times with a tape deck in primary and when that happened we resorted to banging tables (as drums) with my classmates Mochabo and Martin.

DHLA: When did your music journey start?

Aliphatik: At age 14 I had already started messing around with music making softwares and i took it professionally in 2011 when I got introduced to DJ Ganyani by my music mentor DJ Chase.

I assisted in putting together the album Ganyani's House Grooves 8 which had songs like "Xighubu", "Be There" just to name a few. I'll forever be greatful for that opportunity.

DHLA: What do you call the type of music you create?

Aliphatik: I don't really know how to classify my sound cos' I believe its a fusion of different sub-genres but it's got a base of Afro/house with a touch of tech and some electronic instruments.

DHLA: How did the Dj Fresh collabo come about?

Aliphatik: DJ Fresh has always been one of my musical idols so I've always been following his work and had him on social media. 

When he was looking for remixers for the song "Cherrie" he found a connection between me and House Victimz so I worked on two remixes; 
he loved them both and used them for his EP and the "Aliphatik Afro Mix" also made it to his compilation Fresh House Flava 8.

DHLA: You were on the 1s and 2s show. How was your experience?

Aliphatik: Being on 1's and 2's was the next level of my career. My brand grew tremendously and when people started to connect the dots a lot of things made sense and the show taught me a lot in terms of how the industry operates and having to work under pressure.

DHLA: Any future plans of you collaborating with 1s and 2s participants?

Aliphatik:  I've already worked with a few of the 1's and 2's participants, the projects will be released in due time.

DHLA: How did the Guylain Kalenda Kora collabo come about?
 What does the maestro, sing about on the Pre De Toi track and Cherrie track

Aliphatik:  I knew Guylain Kalenda Kora through DJ FRESH (SA) and we decided to do more music together.
On "Cherrie" he sings about a woman he met and lost contact with so he is going around looking fro this beautiful woman.
"Pret De Toi" means Next To You" its basically a song about this love that you want next to you. It could be the love of God or any higher power you believe in, it could be love from your spouse... It's a beautiful love song :).

DHLA: The Cherrie track was compiled on the Fresh house flava series, number 8 be exact. Thats huge! What impact did that have in the way you do music now

Aliphatik:  The song Cherrie gained me popularity and respect amongst other producers and musicians in the house music scene. My rates started growing and I've been developing relations with more reputable brands.

DHLA: There seems to be a rise in house music collabos between house music producers and vocalists from other parts of Africa. Is this the new trend?

Aliphatik:  I do not follow trends and I think you're right about the rise in African collabos, however I do what makes sense at the moment; If I work on a song and I feel like it needs a Jazz vocalist, I will look for a suitable one until I archive my vision.

DHLA: Tell us about the Uprising EP

Aliphatik:  The Uprising EP is a collection of beautiful songs I've worked on between 2013 and 2016. If you listen to all off it you'll notice that it ranges from deep vocal songs to that afro house sound a some electro. It basically represents my versatility as a composer. It's a 5 track EP with 3 original songs and two remixes.

DHLA: Do you have a team that you work with? Who are they?

Aliphatik:  Yes I have recently put together a team of people to help with PR and Marketing related issues and for now I'd love to protect their identities ;).

DHLA: Your top three vocalists that you are loving right now

Aliphatik:  Amanda Black, Mr Mo and Judith Sephuma

DHLA: 5 tracks that have on your music player

 Aliphatik Rabjanyane feat. Guylain Kalenda Kora - Pret De Toi
      Black Motion feat. Nokwazi - Imali
      Dafro SA - Not Alive
      Rabs Vhafuwi and Jonny Miller feat. Mr Mo - The healing
      Choozen vs Angelo Kent - Technical Destruction

DHLA: What do you think needs to be done to get that break through that we need in the international music space?

Aliphatik: Eish different strokes for different folks, I don't think there's a formula. I'll come back to this question when I get that international breakthrough ;).

DHLA: What type of set up do you have in your studio?

Aliphatik: Nothing fancy, I just have functional equipment; Production PC,
Two Studio Monitors,
 A midi keyboard,
 a 2 channel audio interphase,
Condenser Microphone,
Mic Reflector.

DHLA: Whats your dream collabo

Aliphatik: I've got quite a few but for now its a song with Judith Sephuma.

DHLA: Do you feel there is enough local collaborations within the house music genre

Aliphatik: Yes there's enough collaborations in house.

DHLA: You also Dj. How does that enhance your production skills and vice-versa?

Aliphatik: Being a DJ helps me produce song that i know DJ like to play. Being a music composer/producer helps me create unique tools for my DJ sets.

DHLA: If you were asked to give 1 up, between Djying and Music production, which one would it be?

Aliphatik: I'd give up Deejaying... Music production is broader and it stimulates me more.

DHLA: Your social media handles?

Twitter @Aliphatik
Insta @Aliphatik
Facebook is @Aliphatik


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