The Bridgette Tshehla aka Motlatsi DHLA innerview


Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you the Bridgette Tshehla aka Motlatsi DHLA innerview...

DHLA: Who is “Queen Bee"

MO: Queen Bee first and for most is a child of God, a believer, a Christian.

She’s completely and utterly in love with Music. All genres.
A Straight talker and Loves her family.

Very shy in person yet Confident and fierce on stage,( Queen Bee is my Alta ego)

She’s the voice in my head constantly telling me l can do anything and l fear nothing.
I could continue but l wouldn’t finish today lol.

DHLA: You are multi-talented tell u what you do?

MO: The best thing l know how to do is music. I am a vocalist, a song writer and composer, a super performer and entertainer.

That has to be the biggest part of who l am

 But lm also a founder and owner of a new business
(Motlatsi and Mokgadi Fast foods).

Believe it or not l am a great cook and have always loved experimenting in the kitchen and i loooooove food  lol

DHLA: How did you start

MO: Well the singing all started in church, I was and still am in the choir .My childhood friend knew that and knew l could sing.

So when a group of Djs he knew were looking for a vocalist, he suggested me.

It took some convincing though because l had never listened to house music attentively before so l was clueless. I finally decided why not..

That’s when l met Ultimo Numero, Stagz jazz and Ruud Sanity. We then collaborated on our first single," In your soul".

Ruud Sanity and I wrote it. He’s an amazing writer; He inspired me to write more.

DHLA: How are females vocalists perceived and what are their challenges

MO: hmmm..

lt’s been hard hey, firstly lm with guys 80% of my time , that wasn’t a real problem because l generally grew up with boys.

My mother understood that very well.

The problem came when people assumed l'm dating some of the people l worked with.
People had and still have this idea that woman sleep their way to the top. Well l worked hard and most of my challenges were there because l wouldn’t compromise my principles.

And the pressure of being the best as a female in a male dominated space was a bit hard too, l felt an obligation to make every female proud and inspire them.
Truth is I'm a fighter so that never scared me for long.

Oh...and l got dumped for being a vocalist a lot...

Turns out men are insecure about a woman working only with
what a surprise.💔

The worst challenge was when they cheated me on the money that was entitled to me because I’m a woman and l was vulnerable and at that time clueless..

But all that was necessary for me to get to where l am today.

I’m smarter now, wiser and most of all I’m registered and all my music now belongs to me.

DHLA: You are part of the deeper indulgence, tell us about that hat and how did you join

MO: The guys l did my first song with were already The Deeper Indulgence and after the song they asked me to join and be their vocalist.

I was excited, they are good at what they do and best part we are from the same hometown BUGERSFORT.

The The Deeper Indulgence when we first started was 6 people.
1) Ultimo Numero - Founder/ super Dj/Producer
2) Stagz JazzJazz - Pianist/Super Dj/Producer
3) Joachim JoeyGraphix Mamogobo - Manager/photographer/graphics designer
4) Cue Vinyl' Arufa -Producer/Super Dj
5) Itumeleng Ruud Sanity - Super Dj/Songwriter/Producer
6) @MOTLATSI - Vocalist/Songwriter and....
only female in the group...hahahahahaha! What? That’s an achievement.

Many others have joined ever since.

DHLA: Do you produce? Do you Dj?

MO: No, No Never!! Not interest in Djiing...maybe l’l learn how to produce soon.

DHLA: Who would you credit for where your career is right now

God -For giving me this voice
Mother - for allowing me to do such a job

Joachim Joey Graphix Mamogobo - for trusting in my dream and pushing me on social media.
My damn self - I put in the work man.

I still have a long way to go though..

DHLA: Tell us what you’ve done so far and what’s coming up

MO: Well “in your soul” did well, in fact i still hear it, in Joburg streets..
that makes me happy.

I later then did “You and I” with Brazo wa Afrika , Ultimo Numero , Itumeleng Ruud Sanity and Darque

We won the SA Fame award in August last year for the Best Collaboration. That was a moment l’l forever cherish.

Then l did “Sekphelile” with @UltimoNumero and Thapelo Selahle.

It is an amazing song. I decided to do it in vernacular and the public responded so well.
What’s coming up is huge, but l don’t like to count my chickens before they hatch so it’s all a surprise Lol

DHLA: What would be your dream collabo

MO: Whoooo....

In South Africa Sketchy Bongo..and international it would be

DHLA: what would you like to say to your fans

MO: Thank you guys for believing in me, supporting me ...the following on social media and the lovely words l get daily in my inboxes motivate me to do better .

You guys made me who l am and I appreciate you. I'll continue bringing great music to you guys till l’m 50 lol.

DHLA: What would you say to upcoming vocalists out there

MO: Firstly go to SAMRO register yourselves before anything.

Secondly don’t ever date people you work with for fame or success, talent is enough to get you where you need to be. It’s possible, l did it…

Constantly listen to other vocalists you must learn from them not compete with them. The only person you should compete with is yourself.

Lastly stay humble!

Forget the fame and the glamour it for the love and you will definitely succeed.

DHLA: Where do we catch you on social media, your links

MO: Motlatsi -My official facebookpage

@Motlatsitshehla -Twitter

Motlatsi_bee - Instagram - for bookings


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