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Deep House Love Affair’s Thato LePhoto caught up with Phumla Mfecane aka "DJ ZanyDeep" to talk about her unparalleled passion for music. 

DHLA: Dj ZanyDeep, first of all thanks for giving us this opportunity to get a closer look into you music career. So who exactly is DJ ZanyDeep and where is she from?

ZanyDeep: For those who don't know who ZanyDeep is, I am a warm ,welcoming ,humble , hard –working individual , Although I grew up in different places , I'm originally from Lethabong , Rustenburg but I currently reside in Tembisa.

DHLA: What’s the meaning behind your stage name?

ZD: There is no specific meaning behind the name ZanyDeep , The brand represents every individual who had it tough and wants to change their circumstances to be better , I want to represent an idea ,empowerment and I want people to look at me and say "Because of you, I did not give up". ZanyDeep is a voice to teach, encourage and inspire people through the beautiful language of music.

DHLA: You sing, Dj and produce, you plan events and one might suspect there is a little bit of dancing that goes on too. How do you juggle it all?

ZD: It takes a lot of discipline and patience, time management is important to me, I always try to get the balance, its very hard but I am patient with myself.
My dance moves are a bit rusty , they need some polishing, (she laughs). I am currently focusing on my collaborations and Djing , then slowly building my EP project , Yes I am planning to drop an EP this year.

DHLA: That's awesome news. Are you at liberty to disclose who you working with on the EP?

ZD: Not really. But I will say, it's something to look out for later in the year.

DHLA: How did you get into the music entertainment business?

ZD: I have always been involved in music from the younger age. At school, church ,in the community from taking Latin and ballroom dance classes to singing in choirs etc .

But it all really started back in 2009 when I started recording with a few guys and it has been a roller coaster ride and a learning curve for me.

I encountered people telling me I may think I have what it takes but I am not good enough, from there I got even more determined to work hard and learn to improve myself.

So I started learning the industry, going to music schools to be mentored by the likes of DJ Qness, attending the DJ 101 workshops hosted by Black Coffee ,Euphonik and others by Shimza. Since then each day is an opportunity for me to learn something new.

DHLA: With most women going for desk jobs and others housewives. How was your decision to go into music been received by family and friends?

ZD: I’ve always been told to look for a real job hence I have worked and studied Customs and Excise for a couple of years then quit. I have days where I bang my head against the wall as I feel I have wasted years and should have worked on something I am really passionate about, what I stand for.

 I still get a lot of advice and guides that I must still consider getting a real job as music isn’t real enough. Its fine, It’s a matter of what am I willing to do to change the perspective of others.

My circle has very sweet individuals and I am getting support from my siblings which mean the world to me. The rest doesn’t really matter, I am gonna wake up and grind.

DHLA: What has been the most exciting moment in your career to date?

ZD: Gosh, there are so many. You know, to wake up and just do something that takes you out of your comfort zone , is just exciting on its own.
Mainly to have been given an opportunity to work and be acknowledged by producer. Just not so long ago, I was dreaming of working with people such as Kojo Akusa, Abicah Sole and Terence Parker SA ( IamTPsa).

 Sharing a stage with some of the most powerful and most influential DJs like Mark Anthony, 3Gee,The Duchaz , Thabithabs , Moorish B , the list is endless.

Working closely with brand Red Square as their regional judge DJ and being the Ambassador for Pioneer DJ ,has been exciting too. Each moment is exciting for me to be honest.

DHLA: Speaking of being the Ambassador for Pioneer DJ, tell us about The Pioneer DJ institute, what is it all about and how has the experience been for you?

ZD: Pioneer DJ institute is an institute formed by global brand Pioneer DJ to teach music production and DJing to individuals wanting to learn about the industry.
The experience has been amazing, I learned so much and met so many industry professionals and working with Pioneer DJ has truly been an amazing and humbling experience for me.

DHLA: And are there any disappointing moments?

ZD: I can’t say I have any disappointing moments so far, as I know each blockage, closed door and anyone who treats me otherwise isn’t really ready for me, Every challenge for me is always a learning curve , It prepares me to move forward and it doesn’t discourage me at all instead it fuels me up to work twice as hard.

DHLA: Who would you say is the one person that has helped your career thus far?

ZD: There are so many people that have helped me so much in my career, I can’t have one person, really. This huge canvas was painted by so many hands from Petra Hofs my vocal coach, to individuals who listened when I knocked and some of them people wouldn’t know like DJ Thulz and QT who connected me with Qness, mentorship from Bart Marley and countless efforts from Digital gurus such as Changu Jack .

 I’ve learnt from a variety of special leaders in the industry this includes all workshops that consisted of wonderful people such as Ricardo da Costa , Shimza , Black Coffee. Honestly, saying only one will be truly impossible.

DHLA: Which songs make you lose it when you hear them at the moment?

ZD: Van Damme ... (she chuckles) Just kidding , it has to be

Julian Gomes – My Everything

Changu Jack- Kings and Queens

and Manuel Tur & Dplay – Deviate

DHLA: When you plan your DJ set, does it normally feature more of the older songs or more of the newer ones?

ZD: I always find the balance when it comes to that, I prefer playing new music mostly though.

DHLA: Where do you see African music going in the few years?

ZD: Honestly, we are living in an era where we are fortunate to have had the likes of mama Mirriam Makeba , Lady Smith Black Mambazo , now Black Coffee , P Squared and D’banj perform at an international level.

So in a few years, it will reach a new peak, because we have terrific talent and I believe the world is ready for African music.

DHLA: What about you, what do you aim to achieve with your music?

ZD: Mainly is to empower people to say, it does not matter what you aim for in life, it is attainable as long as you work hard at it, The world is yours, take it.

DHLA: Say you’re writing a new song, what do you usually start with, The rhythm, The melody, The lyrics.

ZD: It depends; I would say the melody and then lyrics.

DHLA: What is your personal motivational statement?

ZD: There is no sweet without sweat

DHLA: In your opinion, what would you say are the pros and cons of being an independent musician?

ZD: Being an independent artist mainly has its cons more than the pros, as everything from marketing to branding requires you to fund it yourself and it isn’t as easy to get corporates to sponsor an upcoming artist. It somehow delays the processes of projects to be completed.

DHLA: How would you say social media affects you as an artist in the 21st Century?

ZD: Well, Social Media plays a huge role for me as an artist, that’s where I am able to communicate with lots of my associates and connect with my fans; It helps a lot in terms of profiling etc .I love it.

DHLA: With all due respect, you’re a remarkable looking woman, do some of your male fans sometimes confuse admiration for affection and try get closer than permitted.

ZD: Yep , It happens a lot and it’s frustrating as sometimes it gets out of proportion, ending up in some insults as I simply address them that I don’t like it or something . For us dark skinned ladies, it's even worse ... "futhi a wusi yi Yellowbone" they say... kidding. I’m generally a polite person and I am able to draw the line and address issues I find uncomfortable or irritable.

DHLA: It has become a common adage in entertainment that “sex sells” what are your views on that?

ZD: I believe every individual is allowed to express themselves the best way they know how. To those that are doing it, if it works for them , then yea , well done . It is really irritating that as a Dj or a singer it's like there is a mandatory criteria that you need to follow , well what can we say, its happening and it ain’t gonna stop soon.

DHLA: Do you think your fanbase is more male dominated or female dominated.

ZD: It is more male dominated as there is not a lot of females following underground sounds , Deep Tech / DeepHouse , most females prefer to be on the mainstream.

DHLA: What advise do you have for young female artists who wants to do what you do?

ZD: Be a leader and not a follower, Don't be afraid to fail and learn as much as you can. This industry is tough, you will meet a lot of people who will want to mislead you or discourage you. Don’t mind them; You have all that it takes to create your vision, your universe.

 Be prepared, as this is a lot of work but all those sleepless nights eventually pay off. Don’t compromise yourself, know your worth and no matter how hard it gets, Keep moving forward, Own your crown and shine.

DHLA: How can people get hold of you?

ZD: People may kindly connect with via Social media on:


I am also available for bookings and Collaborations on

Email address :


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