Skaiva - Against All Odds #AAO CD review


So for this one, l did something different. I dashed off to KwaBulawayo, Zimbabwe in time to be the very first to get the physical album. What resulted from that expedition was that l got the chance to sit with the maestro, twice, meaning, l had to bribe him by buying the album twice, lol. See Skaiva “the street hustler” at play here, you want a chat? Buy the album :-)

That was never a problem though, as this is a ground breaking, proudly KwaMthwakazi album entitled Against all Odds #AOO by Skaiva

This album was very cleverly crafted as it comes unmixed. Some might argue that this is not a first but then we house heads are very conscious about a mix point, maybe too conscious. “Pro things” sets the mood, thumping baseline, bridges that make you take notice of the presence of mastery. What’s interesting is that Cape Town based Lillian and US based Joy are featured twice, “Dancing with you”, “Singajindi” and “Shingirira”, “Peter”, respectively. 

This puts one at ease , yet setting a rhythmic battle as there is the Afro maniacs “Sagumbo” and  ”Ayeye” by Cijay in between. Watch out for the youtube video of “Ayeye”, produced by the talented Ngqabutho Frank Dube of Good ideas. 

By the time one gets to my favorites, “Namafuro” feat Sam and the one l predict will propel the album to dizzy heights “iphupho lami” by Thandi Ndlana, you are left wondering how on earth is this a debut album? Then there is that song that brings out the ratchet out of the citizens of the City of Kings and Queens “imali yeqolo” by Cijay, conceptualized by Rakeem. “Sagumbo” coming in at number 2 on the ratchnessness list, lol. Why Rakeem wasn’t featured on this album is a question l’l need to save and drop in time for another trip.

Skaiva gives kudos to Joe Maseko of “home of the rising sound” for setting him up with the vocalists. You can tell that there is guidance from someone who has been in the game for a long time. It’s one thing to guide, yet, it’s another to execute, so l'm not about to take the glory away from the young and talented producer. Issues of online stores ripping him off and feuds with vocalists over awards that he thought had been long dealt with, are not deterring this young man, named Mqondisi  Sibanda at birth. 

Hoping to bag a DHLA innerview soon, amongst all the album tours and all that he’ll be doing with the Sol Native Crew. We wish Skaiva success on the new album and go out there and support. Album drops digitally on the 21st of April 2017. You can get in contact with the ZIMA (Zimbabwe Music Awards) best house music producer 2015 winner on these social media platforms



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  1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T to the young man.#1 fun of Skaiva in Byo.


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