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There is an abundance of raw talent right here in South Africa. Our paths with Xoly Devine finally crossed and here is our piece...

DHLA: Who is Xoliswa Mabala and how is she different from Xoly Devine

Xoly: Xoliswa is a child that was raised at church , loves to sing and likes to see others happy ,and Xoly devine is a dancer and a go getter, she does whatever it takes when given a platform to perform .

DHLA: Are you sometimes confused with Xoli M‎?

Xoly: Well some people do confuse me for Xoly M but she is big you know already out there and I look up to her

DHLA: When and who discovered your singing voice?

Xoly: I was discovered by Spokes H in 2012 but we had our differences and l took a break from the music industry
DHLA: Which Djs/Producers have you worked with?

Xoly: I've worked with Chris Deepak from Greece, Ntsako and now working with Andrea Curato in Greece.

DHLA: Any 5 tracks that you loving at the moment

Xoly: Tracks that I love are Ubomi , Uthando, Heaven,Breath and Themba lam. All feature me on vocals

DHLA: How is life for a female house music vocalist compared to your male counterparts?

Xoly: Life as a female vocalist is very difficult because most male producers think we owe them something and we have to give our bodies to get to the top

DHLA: Any prospects of you Djying or producing at some point‎?

Xoly: Djying no I don't really think I'd like to be one ,but I'd like to be a producer because I know my style my voice and it will be much simple if I produce my own tracks .

DHLA: Do you feel ladies still have to compete in this male dominated industry?

Xoly: I don't really feel like females have to compete in this male dominated industry , it's 2016 now and females are already climbing the ladder in most places .

DHLA: What have been your career highlights?

Xoly: When Chris Deepak from Greece remixed my track, for me that was an honor and having to perform before the late Senyaka in a gig at Hammanskraal.

DHLA: How do you prepare for a vocal set?

Xoly: I'm at a church choir and we like to sing at home so I'm always ready and don't need much preparation for vocal set.

DHLA: 3 Djs and 3 Producers that you recommend?

Xoly: Dj Zinhle , black coffee and Heavy K those are producers and Dj's I recommend.

DHLA: What should we look out for, from you this year?

Xoly: This year I'm working on my album and that's what you should look out for.

DHLA: What’s your take on the possibility that the Sabc could scrap the 90% local content rule?

Xoly: For me SABC is doing as much as they can for SA artists and musicians.

DHLA: What could be done for SA music to penetrate the global music market?

Xoly: For SA music to penetrate the Global music market i think that's up to record companies to open doors for our music.

DHLA: Who musically inspires you? ‎

Xoly: The late Lebo Mathosa inspired me, when she was on stage she'did give her all like it's the only day she has to perform

DHLA: Do you have a team that you work with?

Xoly: Right now I don't have a team I'm working with, just Andrea Curato in Italy.

DHLA: If you were the Minister if Arts for a day what would you change?

Xoly: If I were a Minister of Arts, I'd open a market for upcoming artists to showcase their talents ,especially in the location.

DHLA: If you had a chance to enter this music industry differently, what would you do?

Xoly: A chance to enter the industry different will be doing a track with one of the big shots in the music industry.

DHLA: Any message to your fans?

Xoly: To my fans I know I don't have many yet but thanks to those who buy and support me in all I do.

DHLA: Any advice to up and coming vocalists?

Xoly: For upcoming vocalists especially females never let anyone bully you into doing something that you don't like ,if it's yours God will eventually open doors for you .

DHLA: Please share your social media handles‎

 Xoly:  My social media handles:
 twitter Xoly_Devine and also on instagram
then Facebook is Xoly Devine Mabala.


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  1. Hehehe I so can't wait for it
    This lady right here is something #DHLA got a star ⭐️
    Xoly make sure I be the first to get your autograph when you come around

  2. You so sweet, thank you il do that .

  3. Going up to the stars Xoly cant wait to see you up there with the stars

  4. Thank you Thami, with God all is possible


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