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DHLA: Thank you so much for taking the this time to communicate with us, do you mind letting our readers know who FERA is and where he is from?

FERA: Fera is an aspiring DJ/Producer based in Mpumalanga, in a small town called Embalenhle

DHLA: How does a typical day in your life normally go?

FERA: Mostly when I wake up, the first I do is check my emails, social media and connect with my followers and the attend schedule meetings with my fellow producers and vocalist for  collaborations and the rest of the day I dedicated it to my family and studio time of cause…

DHLA: What captured you heart first, Production or DJ-ing?

FERA: I started as a dj and eventually I imagined how cool it would be if I played my songs in my sets then that’s how the whole production thing started, it was pretty much an organic process.

DHLA: How did you get into music production?

FERA: With the interest of playing my own songs in my sets, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to friends who were already making music back in high school and were kind enough to teach me the software and usher me through the whole process. I started making music in my room on a desktop computer loaded with FL Studio 8 software with limited sound pack and VST’s

DHLA: What are the most exciting projects you have work on?

FERA: I’d say my first release was exciting cause back then I was still maturing my sound, but the most exciting project would be “Farewell To House” featuring Mona Bode. My music has taken me all the way to Cape Town, Durban, Limpopo, Eastern Cape and Swaziland. 

DHLA: Who would you say was the one person that pushed hard for you to take your music career to new heights. 

FERA: I would say V.soul has had a big role in the growth of my production, he managed to share his musical knowledge with me, we would sit in studio for hours learning ways of enhancing our skills

DHLA: What was the first thing that came to your mind the first time you heard one of your songs on radio or being played by another DJ at a party?

FERA: It was surreal, sort of like goosebump kinda feeling but what came to mind after that instant reaction was that of my music is playing on radio, how do I keep hearing more of my music on radio, I was always eager to learn and make more.

DHLA: What motivates you to wake up every morning and make music?

FERA: Seeing people happy  and inspired when listening to my music motivates me, being able to bring change in a human beings life is my ultimate goal, music is the healing force of the universe and it needs to be shared to save souls.

DHLA: How would you describe your sound or production style?

FERA: I'd say its Deephouse with an abstract influence of galactic sounds, minimal and easy on the ear.

DHLA: And who do you see as the main influences to that sound?

FERA: Im inspired by life in general, how I feel at that time influences the sound I will produce but within the scene I look up to Atjazz, Fred Everything and locally im enjoying Sir LSG’s sound.

DHLA:  What do you normally start with, the beat or the melody?

FERA: Most of time I start with the beat and add other elements on top of it but with vocal remixes id normally try normally try to play chords on top of the vocal then find inspiration from there. I like to play around with a lot of soulful pads and synthesisers are most dominant in my songs

DHLA:  And what's yout take on the "Loudness WAR" in music production?

FERA: Load doesn’t mean perfect, and I wouldn’t suggest pushing your limiter to max, clean mixing and mastering works best when you want good quality.     

DHLA:  With such a growing obsession with Awards in most artists, what are your views on them?

FERA: Awards are a great inspiration to any artist, it motivates you to do more, shows that people love what you, sort of validates what you do.

DHLA:  What are you working on at the moment?

FERA: Am currently busy with The Godfathers of House app tracks, which I always submit every month.

DHLA:  Speaking of which, You simply cannot drive around town without hearing tunes from The Godfathers of Deep House SA compilation blazing through the windows of some cars, what has the overall reception been?  

FERA: The reception has been amazing, people are enjoying the music and that inspires me to make more good music.

DHLA:   And How did you get to become part of that?

FERA: I was approached by Mr Masia Mashapa the founder of the Godfathers of house and sold me this great idea of innovating the culture of house music in South Africa especially in this digital era we live in, it made sense to be part of such an initiative

DHLA:  What has that done for your view on music production?

FERA: It has really helped me a lot cause I'm exposed to other brilliant producers with great ideas, in which I get to learn more about things I didn't know production wise cause we share a lot.

DHLA:  What more can we expect from you?

FERA: For now its just releasing music on the app and pushing the Godfathers of house brand and tryng to better the sound.

DHLA:  In this business there are definitely moments where you feel down and out, how do you pick yourself up?

FERA: Its really a tough industry to be honest, fortunately I have a solid support structure in the Godfathers of house team, we talk about everything,we like family now.

DHLA:  Which local proucer would you say we should expect BIG things from as 2017 continues?

FERA: Ed-Ward is really making brilliant music, I think hes got a lot of great music to offer and people should look out for his upcoming projects but theres a lot I can mention really, south african producers are putting in the work and it makes me happy.

DHLA:  Any advice for the up and coming Dj's/ Producers?

FERA: Stick to your sound and always learn more about the industry and most importantly respect the music cause that’s what its all about at the end of the day

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