Lazarus Mathebula aka "The LazarusMan " DHLA innerview presented by Hlezz


Ladies and Gentleman we give you the exclusive Innerview with the slam poet from Johannesburg , South Africa​ Lazarus Mathebula aka "The LazarusMan​ " presented by Hlezz (DHLA)

DHLA : Let us begin by an intro onto who is "Lazarusman"?

Lazarusman : I am still trying to work that out(Laughs). A few years ago, I was pretty certain that I was this house music spoken word guy who does slam poetry in clubs and festivals. I am not so sure about that anymore; I’ve added another dimension to who I am.

DHLA : How would you describe Lazarusman as young boy his journey until being the man he is today?
Lazarusman  : I didn’t have a very easy upbringing, I was a bit of an outcast, I tell people now that I am a retired coconut because that is who I was then a coconut, probably still am in some ways but hey.I can’t say that I was a huge fan of being Lazarus back then — but you grow up and you learn to accept and love yourself. You learn that people’s opinions about you don’t always matter, so I changed.

DHLA : Some say you are lyricist /poet, how do you best describe the nature of art?

Lazarusman :I think conversationalist is better. All my works are conversations about things that I feel we all relate to on some level or another. 

DHLA : Take us through the journey of how all this started ......
Lazarusman : Primary school was my first introduction to the art form that was poetry. We learned it as a subject in our English classes. That is when my teachers (not me) discovered that I could write well. The ascension really happened when I was introduced to slam in high school, that changed my life, the next moment was when I first heard Martin Stimming’s music. The rest is history. 

DHLA : Was there ever a time you felt maybe this was not going work and what made you hang in there .......your source of strength and motivation. 

Lazarusman : So, to be honest, I did not set out to be a poet or a musician or DJ or whatever. These things sorta came to me and because of that everything that has happened has been a blessing. I have been incredibly fortunate, so I’ve never felt like things won’t work out because some way somehow things always work out.

DHLA : What is that one song that is close to your heart from all tracks you have done and why.

Lazarusman  : I think it has to be Cosmic Cowboys – If You Leave tonight. The track speaks about loss on a romantic level, a spiritual level and losing people through death. It is one of the few records where you can actually hear and feel the emotion in my voice. I think I cried after recording that. I like it reminds me to keep it real. 

DHLA : What inspires you, cause your lyrical content is deep and pricise e.g. Blackness with Tigerskin, Idea with Hyenah.

Lazarusman : It’s the things I see, hear and experience. I mean the blackness was about being a black artist performing at white clubs and the stereotypes that are attached to that. The Idea stemmed from the idea that before you meet a person for the first time, they didn’t really exist to you until you said “hello I am so and so”. So, I try speak about those kinda things that I think people take for granted. 

DHLA : In South Africa we see the house music scene evolve into a zone were DJz have the freedom to play any type of house track compared to maybe a commercial track that is known , has this been a good turning point for artists?
Lazarusman  : Hell yeah, I think the dominance of one genre of music is unhealthy as it marginalizes another genre, like religion is some ways. The more cosmopolitan house music becomes the more diverse the dancefloors will be.

DHLA : Any upcoming projects from Lazarusman to watch out for.
Lazarusman : Look out for "The Album"

DHLA : There's so much talent out there in terms of producers , any upcoming guys in your opinion to look out for .......... any you would like to work with.

Lazarusman : Oh Yeah , Avi Subban has peaked my interest, I am enjoying watching Bruce Loko rise to the top as well. 

DHLA : What would you say to a young artist who looks up to your style and wants to get into your line of work.

Lazarusman : Do it. My dream is to see more poets and vocalists venture into house music. It’s kinda tiring to have one guy on the scene talking about the same crap. There should be like 20 of us working with Stimming, Tigerskin etc. I would like to see that. So the kids must just do it. 

DHLA : Lastly away from the stage , the Mic , the studio ........What do you get up on a fun or chilled day.

Lazarusman : Well I have a 9 to 5, I work as a copywriter in the advertising world. I really enjoy a good time so I am almost always with my brother and my friends trying to find interesting things to do.

"DHLA raps it up with an emphasis on that it is possible to work with biggest artist in the region or become the biggest artist in the region just invest in you and the world will see you shine a mile away .... .........and that's that's rap Hlezz signs out 

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