Sony Music Africa announces Joint venture with El Word Music


So, out of the blue, Sony Entertainment Africa drops a bombshell! In fact make it two bombshells, their joint venture with El World Music and the immediate offspring: Simmy's "Tugela Fairy" album. what a Wow!

As much as we are not privy about what the deal entails, here is what is fact.
El World Music produced the album,
             went on to shot a couple of videos and bang, delivered the whole package at the Sony offices. Very clever...

Here is where the genius in Phethelo Nkosi and Sanele Sithole aka Sun El Musician (and team)  is displayed.
Such a move means essentially the product remains the property of El World Music, Sony Music is the muscle that the former needs. Gone are the days when signing with a major means one sits back, relaxes and gears up for instagram tantrums and flossing...

This boosts and backs the Label's product offering, making it bankable. Rumor has it that El World Music has a band called "Route", consisting of the hit maker, "S-tone", a producer and a keyboardist. The trio's album is said to be ready and could or wont go down the Sony Music "route". Breath...

Lastly, a birdie whispers that Sun El Musician's next album could be ready this time next year potentially under Ultra Music.
I don't think we understand the magnitude of such a move, maestro Black Coffee is the only artist known to us to be dropping an album through that channel. And theirs a Europe tour for the label, 1st or 2nd Quarter next year.

Lets breath and let you exhale...


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