Zano Urban Ngbambe EP: DHLA review


So Zano signs with Sony Entertainment Africa, check it out right here . Time we have a listen to the offspring. In related yet unrelatedly related news, El World also struck a deal with Sony, news on that here aswell. We hope to bring the beast behind these cross over singings, Refiloe, right here on this very platform. Now back to the business of the day

- The Original: (Main Mix) ft. Cuebur, Tshego AMG

Makes the entire EP in actual fact. So what the team did was to break this very song into different mixes/versions, namely the unplugged version, Kollective Kontrol Remix and the Radio edit. These cater for different audiences, quite risky but engraves that cross over appeal that Zano exudes. Track debuted at number 20 on most of the top 40s of  local radio stations. Tshego AMG is on the lead Guitar. Cuebur is on drums, mastered the hit, with Zano debuting his producer spirit on the keys and synths

 -(Kollective Kontrol Remix - Extended Mix) ft. Cuebur, Tshego AMG, Mpumi

 -Radio Edit


Includes the fresh, sultry voice of superstar vocalist, Mpumi. The team needed her mightiest touch, hit her up, quick session then BOOM! She is no stranger to the scene though he current Management makes one wonder. Mpumi can easily stand among greats such as Bucie, Lady Zamar and the rest of the female roost that are currently killing it. 
Ok, politics aside, she brings in a solid contribution, so does Tshego AMG, on lead  guitar yet again. The radio edit is a shorter version of this.

-Unplugged Version: with Tshego AMG

This version is hard to come by (in terms of youtube searches) but its strictly for the wedding vibe. Tshego AMG is on acoustic guitar this time around. We'll add some more meat on this one as we get the opportunity

Check out this interview with the Sabc

Now go get it. A solid 4/5 from our end, definitely collectors material. Link right here 


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