DHLA Reviews: Kostya Outta - Marathon EP and Dahl Hates Disco - Tell Me EP


Kostya Outta
"Marathon EP" 


“By Tamsyn Lyn Govan aka “Court Jester SA”

Marathon EP is out now via One Of A Kind

1. Marathon (Original Mix)
2. Marathon (Pysh Remix)
3. Marathon (Nicholas Van Orton Remix)

I was so put in my place by the universe. I cannot begin to tell you… Humbled from the first beat! Honesty, I will be a supporter for the rest of my life!!! I can only say I am really looking forward to hearing more!!!

Excited these - Sneaky, Sneaky… Drop in anytime, anywhere “Supers Sexy Surprise… How AWESOME are these” - came my way. Even more impressed as each one has its own treasure to reveal.

Marathon (Original Mix)

A definite “Deep underwater-sub-sonar bouncy-naughty-tingly-spanki’ness” from first beat. That soft synth and tantalising trumpet create a fantastic housey foundation designed to get the attention, at any kind of gathering… One of those “Guaranteed” to will work well anywhere.

Marathon (Pysh Remix)

It was the word “Pysh” that honestly threw me and worried me when I got these… However I did not expect what I heard… I loved the “Outta-this-Galaxy catchy Dark-sexy-electric-yummy’ness” it gave without taking away solid tech house feel…

Marathon (Nicholas Van Orton Remix)

To start any evening... This track shows a solid “Deep-fiery-super-sexy-soulful” back beat… Taking you from that “Log-fire-in-a-mountain-cabin-relaxed-earthy-vibe” through to that “Under-watery-future-fantasy-zingy’ness-washing-over-you” designed with a fresh, loungey house happiness.


This solid mid-tempo EP out performed itself… Not forgetting how from the beginning of each track, they managed to catch you with their own sizzle and fresh zing… Contributing to a worthwhile LP that resonates with your “Hidden-Cheeky-Naughty Inner-Child of “Sneaky, Sneaky… Surprise, Surprise”…-Kind-A-Happiness…”

Dahl Hates Disco 
"Tell Me EP" 
By Tamsyn Lyn Govan aka “Court Jester SA”

1. Tell Me
2. I'll Never Be
3. My Way
4. Encore

"A fresh catchy melodic yummy’ness to start any evening with...”

This warm summery four track EP was designed to take you from a very chilled yet fresh new look through to an upbeat sexiness designed to get you ready for any gathering…

This solid EP resonates with the inner child of happiness… With a fresh upbeat zinny’ness from the beginning. This mid-tempo EP catches you from the beginning to steadily grow in winning you over… The lyrics, vocal delivery, piano and beat of each track all complement each other with the electric sizzle as they all contributed to the evening vibe.

The hauntingly sweet dreamy yet upbeat vocals of “I’ll Never Be” with a melodic longing about a life changing memory… Hit’s the “Relating & Been There” part of the soul hard. With a solid back beat and the soft tingling from the synth create the perfect foundation for the piano to hit your heart. Minus - We don’t know who the vocalist is!!


Turn on and turn up, lose yourself in the longing or step on the accelerator with the window open and sing while on your journey as this is the kind of cruising all want!

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