Amanda P Faku aka Ami Faku DHLA innerview


Her Bio boosts of:
• 2018: Feature on 3 trending singles in the space of 4 weeks namely: Qness Ndlovu aka DJ Qness'
Babuyile with NaakMusiQThe Kiffness’ Lose You and De Mogul SA ’s Ungowam

• 2018: Signed to one of Africa’s leading Talent Management and Creative Marketing
Agencies, thevthseason

• 2018: Featured on Eternal Africa’s Maradona by Niniola (SA cover) single

• 2017: Closing act for the Woza Nazo live show on DStv Channel 204 for the ABSA Premiership
• 2017: Top 16 on @TheVoiceSA Season 2
Ladies and gentlemen the Amanda Faku aka Ami Faku Music DHLA innerview
DHLA: How would you describe your upbringing?
Amanda: I grew up in a house where my dad was a priest in the house church we had, I had a very musical upbringing.
DHLA: When did you start singing
Amanda: Ever since I could remember
DHLA: Take us through your matric year/age, what did you intend on doing for your tertiary?
Amanda: I didn't have a solid idea of what I wanted to become simply because a career in the music industry seemed impossible. So I thought I'd work a 9 to 5 as that was my only option at the time.

DHLA: Who discovered your voice
Amanda: A lot of people did but only one man kept his promise of helping me further my career and his name is Raphael Benza
DHLA: Do you remember your first paycheck where you just sang and voulaaa, heres your money?
Amanda: Yes, when I opened for Mafikizolo_Africa in Port Festival that happened in Port Elizabeth.
DHLA: How do you then prepare your voice for recording compared to a live set?
Amanda: I just drink warm water
DHLA: Some artist shrug at the boring part of setting up a studio for self-recording. Do you prefer going to record at the producers’ venue
Amanda: If I had financial means I'd set up my own studio but for now I have no problem recording at a producer's venue

 DHLA: What’s you take on competitions like ldols, would you be a judge given the chance?
Amanda: I love such shows, being a judge one day is one of my long term goals
DHLA: Your music career highlights?
Amanda: Performing live on Woza Nazo soccer premiership and recently on Morning Live, opening for Mafikizolo, an interview on a MTVBase show, all the radio station interviews I've had across South Africa.

DHLA: You did a dicey remake of Niniola’s Maradona, how did that come about, did it pay off?
Amanda: Eternal Africa approached me and we decided to do something different and sing it in Xhosa.
I gained so much following which is good for an upcoming musician.
The right producers approached me and we trended for approximately a week on social media.
DHLA: do you then select the producers that you want to work with?
Amanda: I do select the producers that I work with.

DHLA: Do you have unreleased material locked up somewhere in a Volt ?
Amanda: Yes, so many material that I'm proud of and can't wait to release.
DHLA: What’s the process after a track has been recorded, do you then wait for the producer to start pushing it?
Amanda: If I'm being featured than yes we wait for the producer to give us the date they wish to release it on and on that date we equally push it as we all want the best outcome.
DHLA: Are you signed to any Label
Amanda: Yes, I'm signed to The Vth Season

DHLA: You are a fresh talent from Port Elizabeth, Ezinyoka , what’s your advice to up and coming vocalists that wish to venture into music as a full time career
Amanda:Trying to build a career in the music industry is difficult. You have to be patient and understand that your success won't happen over night.
You must figure out how you can stand out from other musicians while being authentic.
Being open in your lyric writing, without shame or fear. Finding a producer that won't make you lose what makes you different.
There is so much but lastly I'd say to know when to reject certain features.
DHLA: Whats the one track that you have made, that is your personal favorite. Ok maybe two
Amanda: Ndikhethe Wena is the best song on earth, I don't think I've ever heard a more magical song than that.
It represents me fully and its also so dear to my heart. My other favourite song has not yet been released, but you'll understand when I release it.
DHLA: 6 tracks that are currently in your playlist
Amanda: I'm currently strictly listening to the unreleased songs I've recorded in studio just to criticize my work and improve.
DHLA: Its 16 days of activism month, just how difficult is it to be a female in this industry, especially the house music genre. Do you feel appreciated and recognized?
Amanda: It's very difficult because some of our listeners aren't so welcoming at first listen because they want what's being approved by the rest of the world.

I honestly feel so loved though, a lot of well known artists and producers that I'd love to work with have contacted me to compliment my work.
DHLA: Message to your fans
Amanda: I love you all deeply and my hopes and dreams are to make music you genuinely enjoy, music that make you feel better with everything else that's going on in your life.
DHLA: Any tracks we should watch out for, from you this summer. Any that are out there that are not necessarily yours that you feel will be hits
Amanda: So I've just released 3 amazing summer house hits, Ungowam with De Mogul SA, Lose You with The Kiffness and Babuyile with Qness Ndlovuand NaakMusiQ
I have two personal favourite songs that are already hits, Banomoya by Prince Kaybee and Monate Mpolaye by DeeJay Sumbody.
DHLA: Your social media handles?
Amanda: @ami_faku on all social networks


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