DHLA Review: "Zulumke" - Lemon & Herb and Toshi


Toshi brings the flavour on "Lemon & Herb" produced track
By Nyasha Themba Dhliwayo

Edging out no less a House Music luminary than Josh Milan, for top spot in Traxsource Top 100 Vocalists of 2018,  says a lot about Toshi's pedigree.
            The past year's releases from the sultry vocalist did after all cement her as a formidable artist who's most associated with the deeper side of the House spectrum.
            While remixes for "Weeper", "Ngeke" and "Kanti" all make for compulsory inclusion on any decent playlist, the absolute beast Toshi track for me was "Zulumke".
            Crafted by music production duo Lemon & Herb, this menacing beauty of a track ebbs and flows for nearly 10 minutes on a winding river of edgy Tech inspired synths.
            The beat's dark futuristic soundscape provides a marble strong yet beautiful foundation for Toshi's almost whispered vocals, penetrating your soul right from the first note.
            "Zulumke", I am made to understand, is isiXhosa for "beware" or "be careful" and amidst rolling snares,  Toshi does indeed warn the listener about deceptive friends and exploitative relationships.
            Such harrowing and sorrowful themes have become a hallmark of Toshi's songwriting and only she can make pain feel "so good".
            Given it's extended length, it's credit to the taut production by Lemon & Herb that as soon as it finishes, the only option you have is to slam the play button again.
            Over the past few years the production duo, comprising Skhumbuzo Radebe and Don Sithole, have refined their sound.
            The 2018 release of the three track Babylonia EP, on Culoe De Song's label, subsequently established their edgy Tech reinforced version of Afro House.
            "Zulumke" was released in October and to date appears on less that 60 Traxsource charts.
One mainstream nod came from a rather unexpected direction.
            This was in the form of a viral video clip showing Black Coffee spinning "Zulumke" at a Las Vegas gig, while Drake (yes "Mr Keke are you riding" himself) vibing along appreciatively in the audience.
            Now while you digest that, I will yet again rewind and play "Zulumke".     

By Becks

Lemon and Herb have been doing the mostest of damage for the longest time. Having signed to Culoe De Song’s De Song Label, seems that merger has propelled the duo to take things to a whole new lavel. Never mind the backing of Red Bull. Well as for Toshi, she is the 2018 number one vocalist according to Traxsourse, a step up from second best in 2017 . So just imagine the brilliance in this Zilumke track

Go get it for its dark edgy beat, those tantalizing thought provoking lyrics that Toshi dishes. A good 8/10 from my side


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