Avi Elman aka UPZ's DHLA innerview pres. by Court Courtney Jester


It was an honour to be given the opportunity to find out more about who this exceptionally talented artist is! Now it’s time to share this exclusive interview with you all…
Let me begin by saying “Thank you” for giving me some of your “what I am sure is valuable” time.

DHLA:  Let us begin with an introduction… Can you tell us a little about who you are?

UPZ:  My artist name is UPZ and I am a house music producer and DJ based in Johannesburg & Tel Aviv.

DHLA:  Anymore you would be willing to tell us about the person behind UPZ?

UPZ:  My birth name is Avi, I got a couple of University degrees and I can't seem to properly tie shoelaces… (Me still giggling!!!)

DHLA:   How would you describe yourself as young boy on his journey to being the man you are today?

UPZ:  I had an interesting childhood… I was born in Israel, but left when I was 5 years and lived in Kenya for two years.
The rest of my formative years until University were spent in South Africa. That helped shape who I am and also musically.

I have been inspired by a lot of different sounds including “Pop, Rock (Beatles), Afro, Electronic (Depeche Mode) fusion & R&B”. I also went through a stage where I was really into Jazz, Like George Benson, Miles Davies, Pat Metheny and the likes of.
When I started getting into House I enjoyed the soulful sounds of Louis Vega, Defected in its first years, Lazy Dog compilation series and other electronica like Daft Punk.

I am also currently exploring music directions and genres outside of UPZ including “Future bass, Synthwave and Pop… (New music project, coming soon).

DHLA:   How would you describe your musical journey and how did it all begin?

UPZ:  When I was a teenager, I picked up the keyboard and a bit later the guitar. I played in various fusion bands during my time at university. It was only after university that I started getting into production, that’s when I got hooked.

DHLA:   What has been the most memorable moment in your journey so far?

UPZ:  I still feel that moment is yet to come :)

DHLA:  I am sure you have one memorable moment that was a special achievement, you could share with us?

UPZ:  Yeah, some memorable moments included getting my first track signed on a label (My first big signing was Soulfuric). My first vinyl (On CR2) with 'Moment With U'. My first track to hit no1 in SA “Pure Surprise” and my release with legendary US label Strictly Rhythm.



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