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You cannot search for SA House Music  production tips without running into a couple of Youtube
tutorials from Bedroom Studio Corner. An interactive and instructional channel aimed at assisting 
up & coming producers find their footing, gain the essential knowledge to produce quality music
and develop their own unique sound. The channel is run by Ivan Mudaya, known to fans and 
susbscribers as "XDizzle" or XD for short, producer, Dj, photographer and an enthusiastic believer
in making the most of the tools at your disposal when it comes to music production.
Deep House Love Affair caught up with  him to learn more about the man himself

DHLA: For those who don't know, who is "XDizzle" and where is he from? 

Xdizzle: That is quite a broad question but in summary I would say I am a Producer, DJ, Music Production tutor, You Tuber and a Cinematographer. I am originally from Zimbabwe.  

DHLA: Do you remember the first time you fell in love with Deep House? 

XD: It was a journey for me to transition into loving house music as much as I do right now but I got introduced to it through some of my close friends that have been long time deep house fans, at first I didn’t understand it. The more I listened to it and started to interact with more deep house fans the more I fell in love with this complex style/genre of music.  

DHLA: How did you get into DJing and music production? 

XD: I got into the Djing and the music production scene because I have always had a good ear for music and people would always ask for me to play the music for them at parties and other gatherings. The music production started when I got my first computer and discovered FL Studio.  

DHLA: Which one do you enjoy doing the most? 

XD: That is a tough one as both give me joy but I would say music production because I can take my time to create a masterpiece and I love the feeling of fulfilment after completing a song.  

DHLA: How do you define your type of sound? 

XD: My sound is more minimalistic meaning that its heavy on the bass and also quite easy going because I want people to connect with the music without getting confused by so many elements playing at the same time.  

DHLA:Which artists would you say are the main influence to it? 

XD: The list is endless but I will narrow it down locally: ATJAZZ, House Victims, Black Coffee, the Godfathers of Deep House SA, Chymamusique, Viny da vinci, Enosoul and Da Capo.  

DHLA: How did "Bedroom Studio Corner" come about? 

XD: The inception of bedroom studio corner came about when I needed a platform where I needed to help upcoming producers to find their footing and guide them as best as I could knowledge wise and assist those that cannot afford expensive courses but still want to produce quality music/sound.  

DHLA: What were some of the toughest hurdles you've had to overcome when you first started the channel? 

XD: The challenge I faced the most at first was to get people to be aware of the channels existence.

DHLA: What's a typical day like for someone who makes intuitive YouTube videos? 

XD: I usually go about my day producing music and if I get any interesting tips then I make a video about it and share it with my subscribers. I also make videos based on subscriber requests.  

DHLA: Are there any other people you work with on the channel?  

XD: I work hand in hand with my fiancé, I usually run my ideas by her and she helps with the filming of the videos as my camera woman. 

DHLA: Do you sometimes get negative remarks from other local producers, for practically revealing some of their production tricks or secrets? 

XD: I haven’t received any negative remarks from local producers because I am teaching my own production methods of making music.  

DHLA: ...And what about the positive ones you receive from your subscribers? 

XD: The subscribers are always supportive and appreciate the tips because they see the value of the help they are getting from the channel.  

DHLA: Running the channel, creating videos, doing gigs and music production must be quiet demanding, where do you find your daily strength to keep pushing? 

XD: When you do what you love it’s not a job it becomes a living. I always look forward to my day when I know it’s going to be music related.  

DHLA: Apart from the tutorials, are there any other services offered under the "Bedroom Studio Corner banner"? 

XD: The channel offers personal tutoring, studio gear and management consultation, mixing and mastering services.  

DHLA: If you could sum up your vision for the channel in one sentence, what would you say it is? 

XD: I would love for this growing community of music producers to reach 100, 000 subscribers and more.  

DHLA: What do you do when you're not making new music or video tutorials? 

XD: I also do photography and videography with my fiancé using our company brand called @TealandOrangePhotography.  

DHLA: Is there anyone that you regard as the main contributor to where you are in your music career? 

XD: I would really say my fiancé has been supporting me through all the late night gigs, dealing with recording artists and clients and keeping me grounded through it all.  

DHLA: Obviously you're quiet fond of every song you create, which of your songs do you hold dearest to your heart or has a sentimental value? 

XD: I would say the song called: ‘Emotions’ by Deepconsoul ft. Tatenda Henany and XDizzle, it’s out now as we speak on iTunes, Spotify, Tracksource, etc.  

DHLA: Based on what you have observed on the local house music scene, do you think producers should aim to be more versatile or remain consistent? 

XD: I would say be versatile because music changes with time and fuses with other styles so you have to stay up-to date with what style is hot at the moment.  

DHLA: What are some of the aspects that attract you to working with a particular vocalist or to remix a particular song? 

XD: I enjoy working with vocalists that have a broad range in their voice and someone who I can vibe with easily. I love remixing songs were I can find room to totally remix the sound to something totally different.  

DHLA: What can people expect from "XDizzle" in the near future? 

XD: My goals in future are to release more music and keep growing the channels music producer community.   

Keep in touch with XD on the following social media handles: 
Facebook: @ Ivan XD Mudaya  
Instagram: @xdizzlegram 
Twitter: @xdizzle 
Soundcloud: @xdizzlesound 

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  1. Xdizzle is a very nice and humble guy.. keep up the good work my guy.

  2. Xd is a very innovative person,helpful and talented, keep up the good work xd god bless u for helping us

  3. The greatest gift from god to us upcoming producers,,XD Ur a god sent ..u so great man..I'd need countless numbers to rate your excellence...


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