5 minutes with El World Music's Njabulo Mthunzi Ndimande aka Mthunzi


DHLA: Vocalist Thokozani Nzima aka ZanoUrban, has already put you on a pedestal,
complimenting you by saying "His nuances and melodic approach is of a seasoned professional",
kanti which school taught you music? who did you grow up listening to?
Mthunzi: 😁 i have never went to music school and at that time the only thing that used to guide me was “don’t sing someone’s song exactly like them” that’s why I've always tried doing something people don’t know of which only God can tell where it was coming from 🤷‍♂😁,
this thing of being versatile started long before because even if am not impressed by a singer i would be impressed by instrumentals of the song.
And by that i don’t wanna lie i just never pay attention to the lyrics of the songs because i had no understanding of it which made me focus more on different sounds
i listened to Indian music also but i don’t have any titles to mention,
but just to name a few from then it was Whitney Huston, Luther Vandros, Usher, Neo, @ChrisBrown, Musiq Soulchild, @TonyBrexton, Tyrees, Tank, Ringo Madlingozi, JabuKhanyile, Tuku Musik Official, BhukumuziLuthuli, BucieZanoUrban, @, ihhashi elimhlophe, Phus’ekhemesi etc.
there’s many more i can’t even finish my list 😁 i don’t have my number one song they all different in good way
DHLA: How did a Hammersdale vocalist, land up in Durban to sign their 1st contract?
Mthunzi: When i did my own songs which were created with a mentality of RnB,Afrosoul and HipHop feel people around me loved the way i combined these genres

i then sent them to people via watapp coz i was still scared of being heard 😊 or what if this is not good enough,
people shared these amongst themselves in Hammarsdale and to people outside Hammarsdale that’s how my first company approached me MapsitEntertainment i was happy and i just signed anyways coz i wanted some experience of being signed
DHLA: As much as this (innerview) is purely about you, your sibling is also in the industry.
Knowing what you know now,
do you encourage him to still dive face first into music? What are the lessons that you are impacting to him?
Mthunzi: My brother is almost the same as my self, he also believes that nothing comes easy
and that is why he could see when he’s not ready or when he is, 

i can say he is more luckier when it comes to these competitions

he once won a competition called “Gateway To Fame” which he won a Guitar and Xbox😁 a couple of years back and that’s how i started loving instruments
and he never wanted to try one of those, 

but as much as i don’t wanna take credit for his journey i believe he always gives it to me that i’ve taught him a lot, coz ever since i gave him guidance on how to write a song how to construct it he just took it and ran with it 😊
DHLA: Your bio mentions an instance where you literally cried at a school assembly (laughs).
Were you just pulling a stunt for the ladies?
Mthunzi:😂😂😂😂 no not a chance
i was still a kid remember,
and i was taught this song by someone i once cried in front of while singing, so to me it was a mixed emotional state, worse it was my first time seeing everyone looking at me and listening..
no noise no laughing nothing..
i was shocked..
and when i looked behind me almost every female teacher was crying 🤷‍♂then i had no choice but to do the same 😂😂😂
Lets market Hammersdale, your hometown, real quick, any 2 places l can visit?
Mthunzi: seaman’s corner where i used to watch live performances mostly Jazz, and maybe the hammarsdale Junction Mall where i ended up working at Spar in the Bakery, though we would still go to schools
i went to Kwamyeza primary School and Sikhethuxolo high School 😊
DHLA: Your first single " Vuka" is out in the 15th, tell us more
Mthunzi: The song titled “Vuka” was picked out from about 5 hot songs
and they all have their own identities😊,

but the VUKA is a simple wake up message to everyone that you shouldn’t follow and end up doing things not for yourself but to fit in to friends/colleagues standards, 

don’t sleep till you get your own self out of the situation you not happy with,
this is just a song for everyone no one will say this is for the poor no,
so long as there’s someone better or higher than you this is for you 😊
DHLA: For someone that has never heard you before, how would you describe your voice
Mthunzi: 😂 my voice is definitely not a Kwesta kind 😁 some say i don’t even look like i can sing, so it’s a surprise for everyone i can say
DHLA: 5 tracks that you are listening to right now
Mthunzi: yooo that is hard ok
1. MthunziSA -Vuka
2. Sun-El Musician ft @somethingsoweto - Akanamali
3. Simmysa - Ubala
4. Sjava - ngyabonga
5.Afrotraction - malini
6. NastyC - my baby
DHLA: Some have a fear of heights, spiders, what are yours?
Mthunzi: I fear Snakes bafo Hhay kabi 😂😂
DHLA: Your message to your fans
Mthunzi: My message to my fans is i am first loving
and respectful to them
i wish to meet them halfway as they showing me love i don’t wanna ruin our relationship by releasing music they won’t enjoy,
and always do what you always wanted to do when ever you feel ready
i know it takes a bit of time thinking of many things but you will get to a bottom of it,
don’t shine alone even at work reflect a good personality and be always pure and natural i love you all 
DHLA: Social media handles?
Instagram- Mthunzisa
Facebook- Mthunzi Ndimande/ MthunziSA
Twitter- MthunziSA
And ElWorldMusic
our 5 minutes with brand new Mthunzi Ndimande aka @Mthunzi_SA of Sanele T Sithole aka Sun-El Musician's El World Music


  1. Laview more mthunzi
    I'm also your biggest fan of all I can say I'm the first fan
    I love ur music,voice and Avery thing that represent you,I can say you are my insper because I'm looking up to you,I'm willing to sing one day because I took it from you.Hop I meet you one day,that my everyday wish when I see a shooting star

  2. Lv you my role model
    My Facebook account...angel angel (Lebo) plz inbox me


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