5 minutes with Nondoda Msolo aka Sino Msolo


Not too sure what formula El World Music is using to recruit all this talent. Could it be a case of them having some secret talent farm like how Arthur Mafokate used to unveil all these dancers.
 Or they work it out by province, Simmy (KZN) S-tone (Eswatini, former SA province) and Mthunzi (Mpumalanga)
Whilst we let your mind wonder, here is Sinoyolo Msolo aka Sino Msolo, box fresh..
DHLA: tell us about u
Sino: Im Sinoyolo Msolo born in 1997 15th of September . I’m from a small town in the Eastern Cape called Flagstaff. I have two siblings an older brother and a younger sister.
My parents are both working as teachers my father is a principal and my mother is a grade one teacher. I’m a quit a shy guy when you first see me but as time goes on you will get to see that I’m not that shy. O love music a lot, i love comedy because i love laughing. Currently studying at the University of the Free State.

I've always been singing since i was younger. I've been a lead singer since primary.
l used to lead for Iscathamiya in a Sunday School group. I used to lead songs back in my junior school. I used to hit the desks for my class mates to dance and they used to love it.
In 2014 i started taking singing serious i made a group singing acapella we sang together till early 2015 then i started to learn how to play a guitar by myself then since then i never stopped.
When i got to Bloemfontein i got exposed to many platforms e.g YouTube, and i performed at an event called Jazz on the Lawn early this year sharing a stage with Bhudaza.
Also performed at Back to the bush festival as an opening act. I also performed around campus for some time I entered idols SA in 2017 i went till top 29.
DHLA: who discovered that you can sing? Is it tough having parents that are in education?
Sino: Three weeks back i posted videos on twitter singing Sun-El Musician 's songs then i tagged him. He liked then and retweeted. I sent him a direct message telling him that i would love to work under his label then he replied saying i should give him my number, he called me. I was going to Johannesburg in few days with my band then i used that trip to see Sun-El Musician.
It depends with the parents. My parents believe in education that it can make you a better individual in the future not just financially but you will get to know how many things operate and you get knowledge that no one can ever buy or steal. My parents are supportive at the same time they want me to finish school
DHLA: I mean back in the day? The very 1st person that you said you can sing, 1st crowd, the feeling you had. Your song writing skills, where does it come from? Any musicians you look up to

Sino: I don't actually remember the very first person who said i can sing. But the feeling was exciting at the same time i was too nervous.
Others cried and that made me realize that what i have is special and has a huge impact. I've always listened to the soil music. The musicians i look up to are: Mariam Makeba, Ami Faku Music , Sjava, Sun-El Musician and I.
With song writing i just knew that with a song you need a chorus and a verse so i just wrote what was in mind then sing it. Writing for me is not that hard and easy at the same time. It feels like it’s something that is there already i just need to dig in and choose the right section that will match the song that I’m writing at that specific time.
DHLA: you spoke about being in a band, who are they? How was idols SA?
Would you advice musos to contest idols SA?
Sino: The band is called Colourful souls they are based in Bloemfontein.
Idols SA was an experience and a half i enjoyed and i got to learn few things about music.
I would advise someone to go there but not someone who is too soft hearted cause they might end up giving up on their dreams just because of one judgement.

DHLA: Tell us about the album. When did you start writing? Why those track in particular? How many were done at El World Music? Who did you work with there?

Sino: The album took less than a week to been done. I got here on to the studio on a Saturday then by Wednesday the following week it was almost done. The track in the album is just extension of how l approach my music and they are showing what i can do as an artist. The album is based on a story of a guy who falls in love and the songs go hand in hand with the challenges he faces along the relationship. In the album i worked with Sun-El Musician, Mthunzi, Claudio Jaftha one of the El World Music producer and Kenza also one of the producers.
DHLA: any tracks to look forward to? Please mention two and what makes them different. Which one do you think will be the 1st single? Describe your sound, your voice for someone who has never heard u
Sino: People should look up to a song called Intombi yam and Ndikhetha lowa.
What makes them different is the sound and the groove is not the usual one. The single might be Intombi yam. For someone who has never heard me my voice is a mixer of Sjava, Ami Faku Music and @SomethingSoweto.
The sound is weird but too nice.
DHLA: what is the sound that your group is doing?
Would you encourage an upcoming artist to be involved in music?
What 5 songs are you listening to?
Sino: Afrojazzsoul.
I would encourage them to be involved only if it’s for the right reasons.
I listen to Sun-El Musician ft Ami Faku Music Intoingawe, Vuka, Imbizo, Umama by Sjava, Ngiyesaba by Simmysa
DHLA: tell us about your upbringing
Sino: It was not too bad nor even too good. I was raised by my both parents and lived with my siblings and had fights like any other household. We had someone who was taking care of us while my parents were at work. Nothing was too different from other African household where both parents are working.
DHLA: what are you hoping for this summer?
4 things that people don’t know about u
Sino: I’m hoping that people will relate to my music and make love to my songs. I’m hoping people will join me and be part of my musical journey
 our 5 minutes with El World Music 's Sino Msolo


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