in Review: Claudio x Kenza presents Circles of Life album


So lets get some perspective here as to just who these guys, Claudio and Kenza are:

Claudio is responsible for Simmy's Umahlalela hit and Kenza was behind the crazy Sponono song on S-tone's latest imbizo EP
So what would you get if you fuse the 2: a full circle of life indeed

The 14 track album was always going to be interesting, from artist featured to track selection to tempo to eey wena you name it.

The opening track by the DCC (Dangerous Combination Crew)  Sino and Mthunzi drifts you into this party starting mood, entitled Jikelele.
By the time you are dabbling between tracks featuring Mpumi and Soulstar, you are completely in a frenzy

It would be ludicrous not to mention Simmy's Zion track which is quite a suprise comeback considering that we havent heard from the songstress since her derby album.
Thats were you see just how clever the Label is, always envoking that DNA that we all have with microsomes of  old school lyrics

There are bridges within the album, were you kind of simmer down and just listen, tracks such as The journey and Bambanani feat. Sino, the latter also appears in his derby album.
 One to note is the exclusion of  Mthunzi's Ngibambela la hit which is dominating the airwaves. Not too sure why, maybe its how close the track is to award winning Sun El musician production style or they are not so keen on fiddling too much with Mthunzi's catalogue

The album takes a detour with tracks from the talented Kyle Deutsch x Mthunzi track called give it all followed by a track with LeSeGo called No no no. The two balance the album, giving the listener that zeal to keep tapping and finger clicking.

The last track is  Master, my favourite, second to bass of africa of course and amaphara. Overall the album is a masterpiece, a collector's edition. It would be interesting whether this will be one of many, showcasing the other side of the label. Chances are this would be the product that we might just have a yearly installment of

And for the scoup, l think the directors have logged off after the praises...
Be  on the look out for an upcoming Simphiwe Dana mixed up with Berita with a dash of Msaki vocalist, dubbed Azana. From the few l've heard she promises to fill the void left by so many pop culture but versatile female vocalists


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