Music Review - "Vuka Africa" - S-Tone ft Simmy by Nyasha Themba Dhliwayo


“Rise up Africa! This isn’t the time to sleep!”

This pretty much sums up the content and feel of “Vuka Africa”, drawn from S-Tone’s six track “Imbizo” EP.
The Eswatini born crooner ropes in South African Neo-folk music artist Simmy, whose backing vocals do anything but stay in the background.
Simmy’s soothing voice adds class and presence, giving the track a slow and steady burn that warms your heart long after the track ends.
Given the xenophobic spectre that haunted South Africa yet again earlier this year, “Vuka Africa” is a Pan African anthem that’s indeed a tune for the times.

My IsiZulu and SiSwati are extremely sketchy, but the tone and passion of the track communicated clearly to me the artists urgency in rousing the slumbering African giant to wake up.
Despite the rather heavy subject matter, “Vuka Africa” is light on the ears.
S-Tone attributes this to the production of Claudio and Dr Moruti.

Remember Dr Moruti of Rhythmic Elements?

S-Tone and Simmy are both signed to Sun-El Musician’s El-World Music.

This pretty much guarantees you, of not only quality, but music that stands the test of time and changing taste.
Visuals for “Vuka Africa” are not likely to venture into award-winning territory, but hey, they allowed us to feast our eyes on the beauty that is Simmy!
Now if we can only get a remix that features artists from other African countries, that would truly be a “Vuka Africa” moment!


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