#DHC Marko Resilient innerview


#DHC: So, Resilient, what is your real name and where do you come from?

‪#RE: My name is Marko Radovanovic, a Serb from Strawberry City. I am an economist, currently working as a bank agent in capital of Serbia. Im also a house music lover, so in the meantime I produce some mood music…

#DHC: What does the nickname Resilient mean, how did you get it?

#RE: When I first met my future music muse, she suggested it to me and I instantly concurred

#DHC: You've come full circle, from what we've seen you post on the #DHLA facebook group, starting off from doing remixes to production

 #RE: I first started with production back in 2013, with Ableton software, I did not think about remixes, then. I still remember the feeling when I rendered my first track, that was amazing. I Also did several remixes of various artists, so 2013 was very productive for me. In the summer of 2014 I made my first EP “Ethno Operator”.

After hearing that Ben Takats gave me the opportunity to go worldwide with Affect Recordings Label from Germany. In 2015 I made two more EP’s for the same label. This is the last one, here:

#DHC: Take us through your transition from the demo to mixtapes to full on mixes…

#RE: I started off with demo podcasts of all my work (unreleased tracks & remixes). Still enjoying my first one, here …      
 For me there is no transition, it is natural thing, every session has a specific story to tell. Maybe I’m having visions through that creative process…(chuckles)
 Also, my day to day selection come together in my soundcloud mix series, here.  

#DHC: Where do you get the inspiration for production work?  

 #RE: I find it in day to day situations, and in some influences... The most productive inspiration results from the most difficult situation, that’s why i'm Resilient :-)  

 #DHC: What do you think about the dance scene in Serbia compared to the rest of the world?  

   #RE: Well, here in Belgrade we have a strong electronic music scene, with great potential to become something like Berlin or New York. Belgrade is already well known as night life capital of this part of Europe. With great energy, clubs and music festivals Serbia is at the top level of  Europe dance scene.

#DHC: Whats next for you?  

 #RE: I’m looking forward to work with Mila Mono as a vocalist, that’s gonna be pure magic. Also I want to move from viral to live performance phase… Check this out, exclusively here  

 #DHC: Favorite tracks of this moment?                                                                                                    
 #RE:   Bicep - Celeste (Original Mix)
            Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike - Trivia (Original Mix)

Thats a #DHC wrap!

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