#DHLA meets Djmix on 1Kzn TV's Tyson Mngadi


Just a week after Dj Nonjebc's Dj mix on 1Kzn TV, we just had to drop this one, exclusively. Tyson Mngadi produces this entertaining Djmix programme on 1Kzn Tv, available on DSTV and Top TV. We have a lot to preview, so lets dig in...

#DHLA: How did the concept come about?

#Tysync: the  whole idea was to showcase underground deejays, who are still trying to make it in the industry of music.

#DHLA: How are you involved in the project and take us through the different steps & people involved?

 #Tysync: I produce the show each and every episode the criteria djs have submit their mixtapes  also profile then  the panel of the decides who  we feature  according to the number of followers they have type of style they play hence that increases our viewership.

#DHLA:Why did you chose house music as the genre of choice and are there plans to have other types of music?

#Tysync: The real reason it’s the passion behind house music for now it’s just to explore the whole house music scene from nu jazz soulful particularly locally produced expensive music.

#DHLA: What is it that you look for in a Dj and has the feedback been from the general public?

‪#‎Tysync‬: generally we look for a good selection in his tracks the sequencing , most of our viewers do provide feedback via commenting our page.

#DHLA: Do you get any funding, how does the project generate funds?

#Tysync: Since we a community entity we don’t generate neither make any income we have barter agreement with guys who also love the show and they see a need to assist us with their equipment so we also advertise their services when the show airs.

#DHLA: What has been the highlight of the project and what is instore for the viewers?

#Tysync: Dj mix highlight was when we hosted Chymamusique on the show the feedback we received was massive guys started noticing the show so far we looking to bring new themes like having djs playing vinyl’s on our show the whole month as part of going back to basics try and get more kids that are in those underprivileged communities that have talent.

#‎DHLA: So who is part of the crew

Thulasizwe Studio manager
Mlungisi camera operator
Smanga final mixer and assistant producer

#DHLA: What are the 3 house tracks that you are loving at the moment and tell us what house music means to you?

#Tysync:Black Child ft Miss P - It\\'s Still Love (De Montuh Broken Ai Mix), Calvin Fallo, Junior Taurus & Lady Zamar - Go There (Original Mix)
& kuniyuki takahashi ft. kristina taumo – deliverance
There is something about house music that causes some sort of spark to go off inside. Something that causes this music to resonate strongly with people, something that gives it so much substance and soul.And I’ll be the first to admit that it is difficult to put in words why this music has so much meaning.Often people will say, “house music is a feeling”; although vague, I sincerely believe that this is the best way to articulate why this genre of music holds such a special place in the hearts of millions

#DHLA: Links to the show?



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