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Not so long ago, we took you behind the scenes of a trending Tv show. Just the other day, we stepped out of the norm and presented a writer's point of view. Now we bring you a brand with fresh new concepts for our local music scene

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Luyanda Ntlebi aka BeatStar innerview

DHLA: Thank you for taking time to chat with us. Kindly tell us who you are and what is it that you do in the Afro House Music Scene.

Luyanda Ntlebi “BeatStar”: Thank you for the invite. My full birth name is Luyanda Ntlebi, also known as “BeatStar” Originally from the Eastern Cape Province in Mthatha and currently in the same city. I am the Sole Founder of Soul Kulcha and the Publisher of Sho!Mag.

DHLA: Soul Kulcha, can you give us a brief background introduction of Soul Kulcha?

Luyanda Ntlebi “BeatStar”: Personally, I like to refer to Soul Kulcha as being an Afro House Music Movement. That is where the entire idea started, back in the year 2014. Back in those years we used to do weekly Deep House Music Mixtapes. The series was simply titled “DeepSoulful Concepts”. Within these Weekly Mixtapes, the idea was to showcase our own Brand of Mzansi Deep House Music and to also showcase the talent our Deejays and Podcasters have, as we used to also have featured Guest Mixes from all corners of Mzansi.
As the movement grew through the hard work and passion,

Soul Kulcha received some numerous opportunities not only not only as a movement, but also as a weekly Afro House Music show which was then within House365 Radio and also moved on to RealHouseHeadsRadio also with various National and International Radio Stations.

This opened numerous personal opportunities to be part of the music industry in a big way for me as the following year (2015) Pioneer Deejay Academy in Johannesburg South Africa offered me a professional Music Production Course. Since then, I have worked tirelessly to add value to the Mzansi House Scene.

DHLA: Add value, how so? If, I may ask…

Luyanda Ntlebi “BeatStar”: I say so, as it was with Pioneer Deejay Academy whilst under the likes of Terrence Mathe, Maxx Rakatara (Pioneer Deejay Academy Lecturers) and Elster Pieterse (El Records Music And Pioneer Deejay Academy Founder), that I got the wider scope of the music industry. I was already part of Soul Kulcha as a movement as back then it was just for pure love of what I did not as a “hustle” and also I had just started Sho!Mag of which too was just a “House Music Newsletter”. I had to grow Soul Kulcha into a brand now but not as a movement, of which it is a daily process.

DHLA: Since the early days of Soul Kulcha, what has changed?

Luyanda Ntlebi “BeatStar”: I would say a lot, but as a Unique South African Brand “Soul Kulcha” has a lot of growing. For instance Soul Kulcha has shifted from just being a “Movement” to being a “Brand” where we offer services such Worldwide

Digital Music Distribution, Music Publishing, Music Marketing, Artist Management, Radio Sampling and also are the publishers of Sho!Mag.

DHLA: Tell us more about Sho!Mag. What is Sho!Mag?

Luyanda Ntlebi “BeatStar”: Sho!Mag with one simple explanation is a House Music Digital Magazine. This magazine is distributed once in two months and currently distributed digitally in Pdf Format with future plans including Hard Copy distribution and online distribution. Since our initial issue (June/July 2015), we have successfully published 6 issues with a total of 12 000+ downloads accumulated from all our published issues.

Within Sho!Mag, we have features such Music Reviews, Venue Reviews, Interviews, Advice, General Music Reviews. What makes Sho!Mag unique to other magazines out there in circulation at the moment is that, Sho!Mag’s content is exclusively directed at the Underground South African House Music Scene as we believe that is where true talent is and is yet to be uncovered.

DHLA: What can we expect from Soul Kulcha as a brand?

Luyanda Ntlebi “BeatStar”: For now the focus is on growing and improving our service offering which includes Worldwide Digital Music Distribution, Music Publishing, Music Marketing, Artist Management and Radio Sampling.

Also to improve the musical relationships we have built along the way and offer our signed artists and clients a unique service where they can be able live through their art. As for Sho!Mag, we are growing the brand as we are in the process of including a few contributors to the brand.
Ultimately, our vision is to be the best Dance Magazine not only in Mzansi, but the world. If Mzansi is the “Best Dance Nation In The World”, so why can’t we have the “Best Dance Magazine” right here in Mzansi?

DHLA: Any advice for any person who wants to be part of the music industry or who is part of the music industry?

Luyanda Ntlebi “BeatStar”: This is a hard one as generally I tend to speak from the heart,,, but I would advise them to firstly do it for the love because when things don’t go your way, the love of music will be the only motivation you need. And also, people tend to see right through a person who is doing something not out of love. If music it is done with love and passion, just as anything in life results are guaranteed.

Patience and be prepared to learn, I cannot stress this one more, as you find young very talented artists who lack patience and think they know everything. They are only making working with them an impossible task as talent alone will not take them anywhere, behind every success story there is a “TEAM”. They won’t tell you this one but I will “Make your mind up, research and go for it with all you got”.

DHLA: How can one get hold of you for more information?

Luyanda Ntlebi “BeatStar”: All over the Social Media.

Anyone can reach me via
 Facebook “Luyanda Ntlebi BeatStar”,
 Soul Kulcha Facebook Page
and any Soul Kulcha related enquiries can be directed to
Sho!Mag Facebook Page  and
 Sho!Mag related enquiries can be directed to
 with Sho!Mag Online Catalogue.



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